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Restore your website or database to any previous backup version. You can download a zip of the contents and SQL file of your database at any time, choose a backup of your website, or restore individual files and folders in order to backup your files, you should download all the files from your services page folder. After that you can easily upload back the files to your hosting account and your website will be restored.

Today with CSS3, you no longer need a background image for gradients. You can use CSS to add a gradient to the background of some elements on your page. For ex.: change the color hex values ("84c8d7" and "327fbd") to the...

This solution is based on Mozilla specific CSS extension. Other browsers will ignore this rule.

This can be used in casting shadows off block-level elements like divs, tables etc. (still not supported in IE7 and IE8). Parameters (from left to right): horizontal offset of the shadow, vertical offset of the shadow, blur radius (optional),...

This code allows to remove all duplicate elements from an array using PHP array_unique() function.

This code allows to list the contents of any given directory.

This code allows to pass filename in the $file_name variable and function will return file extension only.

This new version contains sitemap.xml and has a nice view than the erlier version. the setup is the same as the older one

An object oriented framework based on a front controller. It is designed to be very fast and efficient and very nice for the programmer to work with. It is easily extendable and you only include the functionality you use. It features GuiControls;...

A comprehensive web application framework for PHP 5. It provides solutions for common system components such as user management, session handling, user authentication, exception handling and logging, templates, and form building and handling. It...

A script for testing regular expression pattern matching. Enter test data and a regular expression and the matching text is hilighted in red. Case sensitivity is optional. Supports HTML tags.

A thin platform to build modular applications. It breaks your application into smaller modules and commands. Separates code and layout. PHX supports nested layouts and SES URLs.

Allows you to track the progress of multiple projects, allowing programmers to submit updates on the status and see if a particular project is ready to be billed.

This script catches errors in your PHP script and displays an error overview, a section of source code from around the area where the error occurred and a collapsible tree view of all initialized variables.

A one file installer program for PHP developers. Just place it in the directory you want to install to and you're done.

Manage all your useful PHP scripts locally in a categorized manner. Supports custom themes and comes with five already designed.

An advanced, object-oriented application engine. Initially intended to be a time and expense tracking tool, the engine has since been improved upon to support a wide array of data types and relationships. It offers the ability to run multiple,...

This helps development of admin tools for websites with various functions to edit, update, insert, verify and manipulate various data. It comes with its own multi-project admin tool, handles user verification, cache engine, and more.

A collection of classes for sorting, filtering, searching, listing, paging, adding, editing, deleting and more.

A fully Object-Oriented PHP framework for building stateful web applications. It is totally event driven. Every object can trigger actions on a specified event, so you can build a web application in the same way you normally would.