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htaccess is written using PHP and this script is used to secure your files or folders in a secured place using htaccess. This script sets all rights to chmod 777. You just place your files or folders where this htaccess file resides and this script will take care of the authentication. This script allows only the members to access those files in the secured area.

htAuthorize is a web masters tool to handle htpasswd, htgroup and htaccess files to access authorization on apache servers. This script needs a webserver to run, only the web administrators or the web owners can handle this script. This script is...

HT Group is multi-platform compatible. A program that facilitates the maintenance of htgroup files, used to do Basic Authentication on a web server. This class works well on PHP 3.0 and better and Apache 1.3.3 or better.

GenieGate was designed with ISP's and webmasters who might have multiple clients in mind. It supports a documented API, event driven plugin model allows dynamic, real-time integration with other tools. The user properties (addresses, phone, etc..)...

ExplodingAccess is a simple login script written using PHP. It mainly supports only invision board forums. It uses MySQL as database. This script is very basic concept for any websites to keep their files secured. Users can be moved to any group...

Ditto UsersOnline is a simple script based on php and is a users online system. With the help of ditto usersonline, you can count the number of visitors currently visiting your site. It doesn't need Mysql database as backend. It has real time...

Cooper Central Login is multi-platform compatible. A member logon script. After users signed up, info would then be emailed to them. Recent update includes a password forgot page.

class::Htpasswd maintains the facilities of htpasswd files. This class is used for basic authentication. The password will be encrypted from the password file and returns NULL when the user is not found. This script has many functions and methods....

authman is a login script used to access the secured files after logging into the websites. It preserve .htpasswd and .htgroup files on your webserver. Without the knowlege of this script, you cannot use this for any applications. It is secured...

Auth is a PHP script a tomcat-like authentication system used to validate the user and allow them into the website through secured login. You dont need to write code to keep your files or folders secured, just by giving the files or folders this...

NeedLock is a powerful and effective tool for protecting your website directories and managing member areas. It uses .htaccess and .htpasswd files to restrict access on a per-directory basis. The script combines a friendly interface with a whole...

Access Protection is used to keep your homepage secured by restricting the non members access. It has many features like, no programming knowledge is required to work this script, you can make your entire homepage access-protected or only...

Access Protect is a multi-platform compatible. script that is an access protection and user administration in one! It is a free service that can protect your Homepage from disallowed accesses, so that only authorized users have access to your site...