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 Asp Server Variables 

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Display Server Variables is a simple script that helps the programmers to read their site visitors system details like operating system, browser, IP address etc., This will be very useful for the programmers to read the clients system details for serving customized web content, for example, if the site visitor uses Netscape then they can be diverted to a seperate page. This utility can also be used in various other applications.

This web based ASP resource describes the benefits of server variables to display site statistics, to collect user information etc., From which you can learn the ASP functions to grab the current value of server variables. It comes with a little...

This ASP educational module teaches you how ASP function can be used together with HTML to output the server variables such as HTTP_USER_AGENT, HTTP_REFFERER, REMOTE_HOST, HTTP_COOKIE etc., with their values. This is very useful to collect the...

More information about ASP Server Object's MapPath method are provided with easier means of explanation on this ASP tutorial. And through the given examples, you can learn various methods to execute Server.MapPath function. How to include slash...

If the users want to access IP address of clients web browser along with the web services and to access web server variables, this tutorial really guides them to create such feature on their web services, because it has shown sample source code...

Poll Pro is ASP server software for adding web polls to your web site. Polls can be created and scheduled to appear at a future date. Only one line of code is placed on your web site to insert the poll into your web page. /

Accessing ASP components to collect server variables is simply learnt through this online ASP tutorial. And it comes with a detailed list that contains all parameters of ServerVariables along with clear description. Examples show the syntax to...

Two Ways To Protect Your ASP Page an ASP tutorial that deals with securing the ASP pages with the help of two ways that the author offers for the users by using Request.Server variables. Here there are codes that has to be copied and pasted on the...

This is an useful quick reference source that describes all the collections of the ASP objects with examples. Various collections that are described here are forms, querystring, cookies, contents, clientcertificate, server variables and static...

Accessing the ASP components through IRequest interface using the methods and functions of Request object can be learnt easily from this ASP educational module. In-built program shows how to access querystrings, cookies, server variables, form...

This tutorial comes with a complete list that contains all the methods and the only property of ASP Server Object. The author provides easier means of explanation for all methods which lets you learn their functionalities easily. How to perform...

ASP WordToy creates Microsoft? Word? documents on the fly and does not require Microsoft­? Word? on the server. WordToy is available as an ActiveX ASP server component (with or without VB6 source code) or as an ASP WebClass giving you, the...

This article comes with a detailed list that contains the methods to request the server variables which can be used with ASP applications. Widely useful for collecting user details like host name, cookies info etc., To implement this process the...

This ASP tutorial teaches you in detail about the ASP Server Object and lists all of it's method with clear description. Describes that your ASP components can work together with the methods of ASP server object to utilize the features of server....

An easier to learn ASP tutorial that demonstrates the functionality of Server.ScriptTimeout function which is the only property of ASP Server Object. How to specify the time using the parameter of this function is described clearly. Example shows...

This effective article explains the usage of include file directives in ASP. You can include a file either using the #include tag or by using the execute method of the ASP server object. Filesystem object can be used if you want to include a file...

A complete introduction to the basics of PHP, including operators, control flow to forms, server variables, cookies and HTTP headers.

This is an online tutorial that will teach you about creating a code snippet to display members or visitors IP addresses as a combined message of any text. This tutorial also provides code snippets to use on displaying entire server variables by...

Get the number of days in a month is a tutorial which helps the users how to obtain the number of days in a month with the help of ASP. This is a simple and more useful for the novice programmers how to obtain the number of days using ASP server...

This ASP tutorial directs you to write your code in ASP more effectively and demonstrates on server side include files to be inserted into anywhere on your ASP pages to perform common functions. Instructs you to use relative path to include files...