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This module has been replaced by Inline Messages

The Inline Errors module allows you to move form messages from the top of the page to just above where your form appears.

An example usage is with the comment form, which is typically placed at the bottom of the page. Should an error be generated when someone submits, they jump back to the top of the page. So to get back to the comment form, you have to scroll back to the...


This module will add a page to your site (/planet). This will function similarly to PlanetPlanet which powers One significant difference between this module and the aggregator module is the fact that any...

This is a very basic module which enhances the Drupal Permissions page to support collapsing and expanding permission rows.

This makes it easier to manage individual permissions by removing the visual clutter of hundreds of check...

A plugin for wordpress which allows you to send an email to the registered blog users. Users can send personal emails to each other. Power users can email groups of users and even notify group of users of posts.

All the instructions for...

Send to Twitter shows a text link to send a post to Twitter with title and shortened url.


* Shorten the url automatically with (shortening that includes statistics)
* Displays a link that says...

I have written this plugin to Highlight the Post Contents only among all the stuff on the page. It allow the readers to just focus on what you wrote while he is reading. This plugin adds a switch button on top of each Post as Light off/on.

This plugin allows using a simple admin page to disable various notifications of updates to plugins, themes, and new versions of WordPress.

You can disable all notifications or only those you want.

Translation: English,...

This plugin converts your post/page to PDF for visitors and visitor can download it easily.

You can add a download link above/below every posts/pages.

Note: This plugin requires PHP 5.


Base on...

Mxo Server Emulator is to make a decent Matrix Online Server Stage of This Project is Low NEEDED: Peoples that Know how to work encryption Peoples that know ASM and need packets decryptors If Any People Interessed send a message to...

THIS PROJECT IS NOW CALLED bbiwiki THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE a modification to phpBB3 to provide an integrated wiki e.g. log on to the forum and you have also authenticated to the wiki. bb_wiki can also do profile pages that only the user that...

The aim of the toolkit made available through this page is to ease the specification and sharing of FuGE experimental processes. Using the toolkit, users are able to capture experiments in any extension of FuGE.

My intention is develop an application to send SMS messagesI want do that because is very slow access to the web page to send the SMS in the navigator.

This page written a random image from a set of image with this javascript (AdRotation). If you want to write the same please specify a URL and go with it. With the AdRotation function it is not required that all the images be the same size....

Use this script to redirect visitors to your home page, without usng a cached copy.

This easy to use shopping cart allows you to add unlimited categories and sub-categories, highlight sale items, upload images and thumbnails, and send order confirmation via email.

DS CubeMap can be used in any web page to map the images over a cube and rotate them. You can insert a scrolling text and an image over the animation. The user can change the parameters of this applet with out the knowledge of HTML or java...

Webmasters can utilize this component to send web based emails from their ASP pages. This is a simple, flexible, and fast component that can be used to send and receive emails easily. This system can also be used for sending articles to news...

Web masters can use this tool to add their own images on their websites and the website visitors can develop and enhance those images. Visitors can send these images by providing a title and a description to their friends. This website is mainly...

Set any content on your page to display only once every x hours with this versatile DHTML script. Using CSS and JavaScript cookies, Different content can each be shown per its own periodic interval.

Use this script to allow visitors to change a page style sheet on-the-fly, by clicking on a link in the page. The script works by switching the active style sheets. You can use any number of style sheets, which are automatically detected by the...