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 Uma With Time Limits 

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2 chaotic Lorenz dynamical systems get synchronized with time.
(Notice 2 y and 2 z values start differently but approach each other later.)

I used the x variable as the synchronization signal but y or z can also be used.

It uses the MATLAB built in sounds like chirp ,handel,laughter,train
analyze them,plot them with time,show their spectrum and so.

A flexible implementation of PSO algorithm with time-varying parameters. Algorithm is suitable for solving continuous optimization problems. Special care has been taken to enable flexibility of the algorthm with respect to its parameters and to...

These functions calculate fractional or complex order derivatives, when the order changes with time. Riemann-Liouville, Caputo and GrdoDsnwald-Letnikoff definitions are provided; the three variations considered by Lorenzo and Hartley are...

Function calculates cosine cross-similarity between time series of threshold crossings with time lags. It also calculates dominant lag and maximum value.

More details

Smart small OS Windows notes manager with time managing abilities and quality proved by years of freeware support. If you start use it - you won't change it for anything as it is not about software but about methodology of using this program.

BTTF allows to elevate the level of abstractions at the moment of working with time in an application. Being able to model domains thinking in terms of minute, day, month year, ranks and periods of time, etc. Avoiding dirty handlings of primitive...

Features: socket technology (band-width saving),- multiple chat rooms,- private messages,- ignore list,- smileys,- user info pages. Chat server - PHP/MySQL (MySQL optional,- can work in safe mode and with script execution time limits). Chat Client...

Features: socket technology (band-width saving),- multiple chat rooms,- private messages,- ignore list,- smileys,- user info pages. Chat server - PHP/MySQL (MySQL optional,- can work in safe mode and with script execution time limits). Chat Client...

This online quiz programmme is fully designed with latest techniques. Feature highlights are, can create plenty of quizzes, unlimited questions, time limits on questions, points system, multiple choice questions and true/false types, fully...

The Semantic Time Framework is a multimedia "meta-framework" that provides more high-level abstractions of time. STF enables developers to more quickly and easily develop interactive applications with time-based media.

With the help of this software educational institutions can generate as many as exams and online tests with time frames for their students. This program supports both multiple answer questions as well as free-answer questions for the e-exams and...

Enhanced status bar with many new options and capabilities:support for mini HTML formatted text in panels, including capability to add hyperlinks, images and blinking text in the statusbar panel.panel with time, date, NUMLock, CAPSLock,...

LINKAXES links the axis limits of several axes. LINKZOOM links the ZOOM and PAN regions ignoring the axes limits, then, it can be used to link several axes with different limits.


>> subplot(311)

FDTD method is a time domain analysis.Here we first we design a wave-guide and there after we just increase its broad side.Our aim is to this simulation is plotting its electric field response with time and how will it response in outside free...

You have to enter hsv format image,
Hue range
Saturation range
Value range

And it returns image with desired limits.

Following case is also taken in this logic,
Where hue is required between more than one...

An easy to use guestbook program and yet still feature intensive. Features include: recent messages on top, display any number of messages per page, line breaks, optional blocking of inline images, date/time stamping with time zone and more. has a linking method for its affiliates. This is called "Amazon Recommends". This method uses dynamic links that automatically change with time. Betterseller.cgi script allows these links to open in a separate window. This...

Date class is a very simple and tiny class that can be used to manipulate time. This script is built with PHP and makes the programmers work easier when their utility is concerned with time functions. This class can control various attributes like...

Highway Softwarels Highway Calendar is a user friendly Web based calendar, at Highway Software we believe that an efficient person is an organized person, our suite of products were all created with time management in mind, try our Calendar demo...