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Magento Product Designer 1.0
OFOS - Just Eat Clone Script 1.0
PrestaShop Upload Images Module 1.2.1
Trading Software 1.2.4
Solid File System OS edition 5.1
Classified Ad Lister 1.0
Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools 8.2
dbForge Studio for SQL Server Express 5.0
Image Editor Using JavaFX 1.0
Sine Wave Using JavaFX 1.0
ICPennyBid Penny Auction Script 4.0
PHP Review Script 1.0
ATN Resume Finder 2.0
ATN Site Builder 3.0
Readymade MLM Software 2.02
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This Bash shell script automatically includes pieces of text into a major text file, through the recognition of start/end tag pairs.

PLiX (Programming Language in XML) is an XML-based code-generation framework. Generators produce XML matching the PLiX.xsd schema, which can be formatted into multiple languages. Extensible formatters support C# and VB.NET in Visual Studio 2005...

CodeTrends is an application with two main components
1) An application for generating configurable metrics about a codebase.
2) A web application for displaying the history of the metrics, providing a rough guide to the codebase health...

Omega2 is a light-weight, flexible and fast Java Artificial Intelligence library.

Test system with Ubuntu and GT.M

Uma implementao de fragmentao e distribuio de dados para o pgCluster/PostgreSQL

SPUD (Seamless Platform for Unifying Data) uses the Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub or APP) to implement a high-performance Atom Store server.

Websites used for open tibia source with mysql,sql databases.Also javascript is used.Common function as, account,forum,guilds,ranks,players,also encrypted with md5 to safetly process the log in procedure and so on.

MaxMin market game application - comparison of trader effectiveness with the stradegy of determinated movements on historical data.Comparison of trader prognosis and stragedy of causal movement for tomorrow.

Location Aware Mobile Assistant (LAMA) provides travelers a dynamic directory service. Users receive information on hotels, restaurants, and more, which are within their vicinity.

Some experimental SQL client generation code for building client packages and other various half completed trials - (mostly around databases, particular Firebird).

PosgresForest enables to build a PostgreSQL cluster system with replication and/or partitioning facilities by enhancing the PostgreSQL JDBC driver.

PrimeBase XT (PBXT) is a pluggable, transactional storage engine for MySQL. It uses a unique "write-once", log-based update strategy and MVCC (multi-version concurrency control) to provide optimal performance over a wide range of tasks.

An implementation of a truly relational database language with Python. Inspired by Date and Darwen's 'Third Manifesto'.

RDD bmdbfcdx compatible with dbfcdx of harbour and xharbour, with bitmap filters and other extensions.

See CUBRID Cluster is an open source clustered DBMS for high scalability including global schema, distributed partition and load balancing features. It is a spin-off project from CUBRID project and supported by NHN.

ChaiDB is an embedded data storage developed at the kernel level by using B-Tree implementation. It is a natural database choice for name/value applications such as JSON. JSON-Cache utilizes ChaiDB to provide persistence and cache solution for...

CincoSecurity module offers big flexibility to protect EJB3 methods, and JSF page elements.It associates a role to each EJB method (fine role) defining a security profile as a set of roles; its use cases manage security profiles and users.Java EE...

Simple to use Java library for using the Facebook API

AutoLoad Manager is a generic autoloader class that can be used with any PHP framework or library. It will allow you to implement whatever naming rules you want and may have mutliple classes in one file (if you want to have a such feature).

Mob2D is a 2D rendering engine designed from the ground up to provide simplicity above all else while still being robust and flexible. You could make a 2D game with this engine with only relatively little knowledge of OpenGL.

LogDB is a library which logs data to a MySQL database.

c common functions library extracted from my open source projects FastDFS and FastDHT. this library is very simple and stable.
functions including: string, logger, chain, hash, socket, ini file reader, base64 encode / decode, url encode /...

CKPY -- Useful Python packages for the developer.

Apply, create and check popular binary patches formats, or try the custom one! Aims to be a platform for Unix systems.

Sad Man's 3DS loader is a .3ds file format loader for autodesk 3ds file formats. It is easy to use, supports multiple meshes, texturing. You can access it with easy C interface. Only 1 file, gcc and msvc compatible, simply, pointer based.

AutoIt-v3-COM Automation Bridge allows to use functions in AutoIt v3 (AU3) scripts from WSH, VBasic or other COM capable programming language. The library consists of two parts, a COM proxy DLL AU3Aut.dll and a small UDF AU3Automation.au3.

Shark Virtual Library (shark-vlibrary) allows to share trougth an web java application educational, cultural and other types of documents (e-books, researches, articles, sounds...) it is specially designed for educational purposes and...

SCL Manipulation and Configuration Tools, is a set of libraries and applications that allows to create and modify XML files witch use Substation Configutation Language based on IEC61850 part 6 standart.

This is simply a set of classes used to deserialize Collada files(core, fx, phys, b-rep, and kinematics). Should be more useful than classes created by the xsd.exe tool.

libusbx is a cross-platform user mode library that provides generic access to USB devices

mod_prolog is an Apache module that embeds the Prolog interpreter within the server. With mod_prolog you can write web-based applications in Prolog.

Component based application framework with a strict separation of concerns, an ease of development and a high degree of adaptability. It provides a toolbox with technical and business components for rapid development of new multitenant JSF Web 2.0...

Incialmente este projeto est restrito aos seus idealizadores.

A Java library/framework that allows Java developers to use similar constructs and concepts as Ruby developers do through annotations, and helper methods.

KineticTeam is an open source, ASP.NET application portal framework that utilizes Microsoft Ajax. It features authentication, access control, logging, simple document management, user registration, dynamic menus, and more.

Francois's Game Library is an object-oriented library for 2D games. It attempts to cover basic techniques that are essential to the game but waste a lot of time in development. You tell the game what to do rather than how to do it.

Adept is a platform for the creation of powerful interactive web applications in PHP 5. As Adept is an object-oriented framework and uses a component model this is the best solution for web developer's teams.

Puzzle.NET is a collection of frameworks and tools for Agile, Domain Driven Design and Development on the .NET platform, with frameworks for persistence (NPersist), AOP (NAspect), Depency Injection (NFactory) and a GUI Domain Model Editor...

Grillow is a simple to use, fully customizable and fast Java framework to build Web applications.

The @Secur Internet Engine &amp; HTML Generator is a Client/Server tool which allows developers to create Web based applications fast and reliable.

This project hosts methods for creating own business datetypes and runtime enumerations. Furthermore it encapsulates calculation and type conversion for numeric types. It also provides a mechanism for datetype versioning and validation.

DQGen is a framework to generate dynamic sql queries in an optimized manner on top of Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

Semtinel is an application framework for the semi-automatic creation, maintenance and analysis of hierarchical concept schemes (thesaurus, classification or ontology). Semtinel supports the development of new analysis methods and visualization...

NServiceBus is a powerful, yet lightweight, open source messaging framework for designing distributed .NET enterprise systems. Entirely pluggable yet simple to use, NServiceBus gives programmers a head-start on developing robust, scalable, and mainta

Open Unified Test Process (openUTP) provides a progressive approach for test managers who are responsible for maintaining and implementing test processes. This represents an EPF method library for Eclipse Process Framework Composer (EPF Composer).

An open source system for managing the whole lifecycle of a software project.

Design by Contract with seamless integration into the Spring Framework, based on Annotations, AOP and a pluggable Specification Language (supports Expression Language (EL) with Extensions, Groovy, OGNL out of the box).

Is a very simple and very fast notepad with paint features including a powerfull search engine. Ideal for use with pen tablet. Save all text notes as .txt files. Don't require installation, ideal for pendrives. Work on linux with wine.