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Travel Portal Script 9.29
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OFOS - Just Eat Clone Script 1.0
PrestaShop Upload Images Module 1.2.1
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EasyWicket is a library which aims faster development for Wicket ( projects. It configures wicket components with annotations and minimizes IModel usage.

This API is designed for including it into your script pages. It supports you with the interaction with the psc site.

You can use it to check and add pincodes to your own myPin account. It uses public accessable functions. Note that...

The argparse4j is a command line argument parser library for Java based on Python's argparse.

The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library is a simple tool that helps C/C++ developers initialize extensions and write portable applications. GLEW currently supports a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Darwin, Irix, and Solaris.

Oolime is a PHP5 framework performance oriented under LGPL licence. It is built for web applications developed by experts. This framework is not a CMS or a library, we do not provide blogs, wikis, galleries built in.

myReserve is an open source J2EE/.NET reference application. It is built on open source technologies where applicable and is used to illustrate how a cross platform, ennteprise application can be built and constructed.

This is a framework for development and deployment of php applications. It is influenced by the J2EE concept of Servlets and Containers.

Visual Workspace is intended to be a free, cross-platform scientific environment released under the GPL license. The project aims to provide a development framework which can be used to develop open-source scientific toolboxes.

AJAX Framework for making your IE only or mozilla only site cross browser. This will require a user to include JS file shatam.js at the top of your page and the shatam framework will do the rest.

Domain: Engineering/Manufacturing Design/Collaboration Software Framework.Goal: Detailed Requirements Specifications [Functional, Architecture, Software, API, GUI, Interface Standards, Functional Test and Standards Compliance Test Suites, Audienc

A Java port of Miro Samek's Quantum Framework ( as originally described in "Practical Statecharts in C/C++: Quantum Programming for Embedded Systems" (ISBN: 1-57820-110-1).

Platinum is a portable, modular and modern C++ class framework.

OpenKeys is a cross-platform library for application-based password management, providing a common development interface to keyring/keychain solutions such as Gnome Keyring, KWallet, Apple Keychain and Keepass.

A simple PHP application framework I have been working on for about 2 years now.

The Media Authoring with Java API (MAJ API) is an implementation of the classes of the AAF object specification as a Java library, complementary to and interoperable with the existing C-based reference implementation.

lampair is a PHP framework of the Struts genre. It uses commands and sub commands to respond to user requests. Roles are incorporated to separate different types of tasks. Includes Venue and Face page structure for multiple types of user interfaces.

Kokomo is the "Cool Code Model". It allows the generation of Java classes on the fly by dynamically generating bytecode

Jelly Engine is an open source, C++, mutlithreaded, test driven game engine.

Java Socket Framework This Framework is for network server and clinet software developer.

it's a new open MVC Framework designed by french students

FDJT is a lightweight portable Web toolkit. In general, FDJT does not add new abstractions to the underlying Web DOM and UI models, but adds functionality to the abstractions already there.

Converse enables rapid data migration between different types.

JRange is a java library parsing range strings ("1-3;7;13-) and a selector to select data based on such ranges (e.g. select all car objects with 3 or more than 5 wheels "3;5-")

ZK Unit extends JUnit to test your ZK project: ZUL pages, composers, event handlers, constraints and more. Use ZKUnit for test driven development, to achieve code coverage and integration with a continous build system.

Tired of BeanUtils' odd interface, singletons and quirks? Gochacha is a well engineered functional replacement.

robust image processing library

This project is for developers who wish to build php applications following the REST architectural style. It tries to make it easy to build RESTful apps. It is in some ways inspired by ruby on rails.

zenyan is a lightweight Php development environment. It will run in either a WAMP or LAMP stack. It sports a login module and a data access layer.

zenyan supports front end web application development using Javascript, JQuery, Html and...

Project has been moved. All open source tools will remain open source, but otherwise, we're moving to a closed source model due to a lack of contributions and interests.

JSR107 (JCACHE) is a Java API for caching. A net.sf.jsr107 package name is needed to allow software to be released until JSR107 is finalised. That way any users will only need to change their package name to javax.cache.

dicom related framework and applications in java. The project is divide in 3 parts, the framework, a dicom toolkit, and dicom apps.

A C++ wrapper for the Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP C package, using Trolltech's Qt toolkit. Useful to access ZIP archives from the Qt programs.

A Perl library providing some useful functions, especially for CGI

jLlama is a desktop application to monitor servers over SSH. Any figure retrieved from the command line can be polled and graphed in real time. Out of the box, jLlama can graph CPU and Memory usage for Linux and Solaris servers.

This is a software to track bug based on Java program. You can use flexible query criteria to do CR (Change Request) tracking Demo is here

This project aims at developing a simple but useful quality assurance tool/framework based on a simple but good enough quality assurance model and process. The tool shall not be just a clone of any commercial products.

Script that receives the text archives generated by Mailman and generates a CSV file with the following information:- Total number of emails sent in a period- Emails sent per day- Emails sent per user in a period

Library to include in your (web-)application for checking the integrity of your deployed applications. AppDigest creates hashcodes for all projectfiles and offers the possibility to check (via servlet call or command line) for unwanted modifications.

A lightweight performance and functional Test Tool that executes tests again a list of URLs recorded from IE or Firefox! Very easy to use! Provides multiple user / iteration testing with basic response times.


The Simple Web Automation Toolkit (SWAT) is a test tool that allows users to automate web application testing in multiple browsers. SWAT has a robust Editor with UI recording and SQL tools, integrates with Fitnesse, and is written in C#.

A quick hack of a plugin for vim that adds annotation using quickfix.

Tool that allow writing Arabic text with Arabic character, using a Latin keyboard

Yatti (rhymes with "patty") is a Java-based template engine. Given a template file with plain text and Java commands, Yatti will interpret the file and produce the appropriate output.

Programa para generar documentos HTML con expresiones matemticas incrustadas, procesadas con Maxima ( Germn Mndez Gonzlez (

jMerge is a graphical tool for viewing and resolving differences between two files. jMerge is written entirely in Java and attempts to provide a simple yet powerful user interface.

Yet Another Python Interface to Expat. Object-oriented Python interface to Expat, designed for simplicity and ease of use.

urNotebook is a tool to organize your notes into notebooks. Pages can be ordered by you and color coded as you see fit. urNotebook is still in pre-alpha, but has functionality that allow it to be useful to everyone.

Convert the encoding of text files, e.g. subtitles. Detect valid encodings. Preview (in different encodings) before converting. Customizable error behavior (fail, replace, ignore). Use plugins to change the text (and easily write new ones).

SilverCity is a lexing package, based on Scintilla, that can provide lexical analysis for over 20 programming and markup langauges. Scripting language bindings currently exist for Python.