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Zixforum is a Windows compatible script that features an easy setup, Email notifications for replies, unlimited forums, cookies used to store name and email, look and feel configured by editing one file, languages Support, current languages: Swedish ,Norwegian,English, option to have smiley faces.. and more!

Webaga Forums (asp) is a Windows compatible script that allows you to put a fully customizable threaded forum anywhere on your website. No database is necessary, and over 98% of the code is hosted on our high-bandwidth servers. That means we take...

UltraBoard is web based online bulletin board through which imporatant messages in the website can be displayed in desired format. This board provides search engine, easy interface, tracking all log informations, file lock functions, host and IP...

Threaded Discussion Forum is a script that helps to add a discussion forum to your site. Users can send messages to several forums and they can see list of messages through a threaded format. Users are able to add new forum to their site. This...

Stereodreamscene Message Boards is an web based online discussion board component through which users can place their topics in board. This program provides the user to discuss or share their ideas related to the topic with their friends and...

This is a message board application that helps the users to post messages on the boards online. This program provide notification email to the admin for every postings made by the users. This program has an cookie option for the users to remember...

Smart Message Board is ASP based discussion board through which discussions can be conducted in the users website. This board provide instant response for the visitors question, thus increasing the traffic to the website. This has standard...

SantryIndexer is a script that utilizes the Indexing Services of Microsoft Windows 2000. You can place Word, Excel, PDF (must install Adobe filter), html, PPT, and any other document supported by Indexing services on your server and be able to...

Polar Web Forum is an easy yet powerful web forum for sites. Easy to use and administrate, supports unlimited users and is scalale. It can be used in both internet and intranet. It is developed in ASP. Without making your hands dirty with complex...

This is a forum application which allows the users to post messages and can reply for the particular message posted. The message can be posted by the users along with their name, / email address and subject. This program displays the number of...

This is a forum application that helps the users to post messages on a topic in the forum which can be viewed by other users. The informations like posted date, time, location, number of posts can be seen in the forum with posted messages. The...

NovoBoard is an ASP base attractive discussion board through which the users have the capablity of sending messages to members, font colour can be changed. This tool provides attractive features like avatars, providing private messaging,...

This is an application where the users can post news in system and unique users can access system. The news added by the users can be shown for the public. The users have the capability to edit, add and delete news from their website from any...

Message Board System is an ASP based online discussion board tool through which the bulletin board can be created in the users website. This tool provides the user to communicate with their neighbour and produce more traffic. This tool offers...

This program enables administrators to build enhanced online forums with multilingual interface. This program supports several languages as English, German, Italian, France, Hebrew and Spanish. This effective program allows administrators to take...

Jun Qin Studio Guestbook is an online asp based guestbook.

An online forum system designed for small to medium sized communities. It is neat and simple, yet integrated with many useful features.

Supports unlimited discussion forums, topics and members. WYSIWYG Editor, EmotIcons, Member Profiles, User & Forum Search, Email notifications, Managed .NET Assembly, Single configuration file, SQL Server with 100% Stored Procs, Free Support...

This is a program which allows the users to post more informations and multiple replies can be done by them. The users have the ability to handle any number of topics for posting messages. This program has the capability to attach file with the...

A powerful bulletin board program for the Windows platform, Ideal BB utilizes the power of Microsoft SQL server and the speed and scalability of IIS. It is a scalable application that is easy to install and maintain.