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Phoenix Portal
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Webstores 2000 Portal 6.0
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Store Portal II.56
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Webstores 2000 Portal is an online website through which stores and shopping websites can be generated. This website has hosted applications for developing the store through e-commerce. In product applications it has details of each product through which marketing can be done. In customer side it has provision for e-commerce through the products, and also this website display the up-to-date news about this website.

WebBugle is a web based portal that helps in developing restaurant website with the help of the content management interface. This is a pre built website that can be easily integrated into user website and facilitate to add menus, content,...

CoolWebSiteBuilder (CWB) is a user-friendly advanced website builder that gives Windows hosting companies and resellers the ability to quickly create and manage professional websites easily, and at a great price!

This is an ASP based solution for any online commerce store aplications. This system can go with any business atmosphere and users can customise according to their needs online. Several users can modify this programme simultaneously. This...

It is a collection of several applications that is used to built a web portal from the scratch. It comes with News Manager- they can generate articles or news and can upload them to the web server with out any programming knowledge, Poll Manager-...

Phoenix Portal is one of the very powerful portal system ready for the web administrator's usage. Upload function from ASP Portal system doesn't need any specific COM objects and no need of changing the source code while using Autoupdate function....

PipSuite allows you to add, edit, organise and delete articles online. You needn't do all the work yourself though, why not assign someone author privileges and let them enter the articles whilst all you need do is authorise them!

NetVIOS is an open source website operating platform based on a combined collection of functions in an ASP component. These functions provide basic operating features central to every website and web applications so that applications and...

MyTemplateSite is a unique turnkey template listing, management, and sales solution. The software works with PayPal or 2Checkout to provide seamless ordering integration for instant, secure template downloads. MTS also supports linking to external...

Modular Site Management System (msms) is a Windows compatible system for running websites in ASP. This is the core component, that handles logging in, signing up, and displaying pages etc. Various add-on components will be released, such as...

MaxWebPortal is a web portal and online community system which includes advanced features such as web-based administration, poll, private/public events calendar, user customizable color themes, classifieds, user control panel, online pager, link,...

MaxWebPortal is a web portal and online community system which includes advanced features such as web-based administration, poll, private/public events calendar, user customizable color themes, classifieds, user control panel, online pager, link,...

This is a program that can be used by the administrators to generate and administrate all information portal. This is a scalable program comes with more flexibility and provides a portal manager and also a portal server built on java. Intrexx...

Gnews Publisher is a Windows compatible script built for ASP.NET and Active Server Page platform, utilize high-technology for automation, information centralization, and information sharing for your site. Contact immadiately your clients online....

Fullxml is a open source portal builder based on XML technologies which allows webmasters or webowners to display the news or contents in an easy way through a GU Interface. It has more enhanced features they are, surveys can be placed, page...

EzASPSite is an ASP based portal website which contain various applications that helps in developing business or personal websites with the built-in modules. This offers functionalities of web wiz forum and guest books for developing the website....

eWebManager is an ASP based online portal system with interface supporting custom type technology and content management which helps in generating membership websites. This offer various features like creating interactive forums in the website,...

Enterprise Portal is a program that can be integrated into the server, through which user can retreive all the applications for business marketing. This software has portlets which offers functionalities for shared information and collabration... is a multi-platform compatible script that acts as your connection to russian web site Learn with technology tips, offers, shop, and creative projects.

e-Luminate R-Web is a portal website which helps users to develop restaurant websites that can be managed by the staff itself. This offers features like providing demographic information, restaurant location, search engine registration, providing...