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What Exactly Are Active Server Pages?
What are Active Server Pages?
Visual Basic Client Versus ASP Client
Virtual Frames
View ASP Pages without Disturbing the Code
Using the global.asa to schedule ASP code execution
Using the browser's StatusBar to display custom messages
Using Sql Server 7 Web Assistant to Improve performance of Asp Pages
Using Scripting Languages
Using PerlScript to Create ASP Pages
Using One I.P Address to Host Multiple Domains
Using ASP and javascript together
Using ASP and HTML Meta TAGS To Make A Dynamic Delay Message
Towards Next Generation URLs
Tips to Improve ASP Application Performance
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"Wizard" me, baby!
Using the global.asa to schedule ASP code execution
Math functions
Math Functions With Asp
Creating a Multilingual Web Site
Detecting Js To Optimize Page Logging
View ASP Pages without Disturbing the Code
Comment Your Code!
Tips to Improve ASP Application Performance
Detecting the user's screen size
Grabbing Information from other Servers
Determining the sun rise and sunset for a particular location
Create A .dll File with Visual Basic and ASP
Creating a Project Template for Estimations of Time, Tasks, and Resources
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This tutorial explains on creating a script for protecting the ASP page content. This tutorial guides users by providing step-by-step procedures to generate code to stop the visitors from caching the web page content. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

This is an article that elaborately discusses about specifications. The author says that specifications help programmers to develop a project in a perfect manner. In this tutorial there are two types of specifications discussed one is Technical...

This online ASP articles describes the existing ways in ASP to schedule the execution of ASP files and describes about one more method to execute the same process. It is suggested to utilize Windows Scripting Host (WHS) using which you can request...

This is a tutorial that details on setting up ASP development templates. The author elaborates about the standard things which are included in each web page. The author describes about the necessity of creating template for calling each standard...

This tutorial deals with detection of the browser and its version the site vistors use. Here the author suggests users to generate two types of ASP pages, one with more features for later browser versions and another one is for earlier browser...

This is an article that shows users how to redirect their site visitors to another page when they click the back button. In this tutorial the author says that some times a submitted form has to be expired to prevent users from navigating back,...

This is an online tutorial that enables users to create a program for displaying graphical numbers. This tutorial demonstrates on creating a page counter to display image numbers. / The author elaborates about the construct digit function, which...

This is an article that explains about regular expressions and its functions. The author says that the regular expressions are used to validate postal codes, symbol and characters, telephone number, email address etc., Here the author offers a set...

This is a tutorial that elaborates on sharing workload with client to decrease the server side workload with the help of javascript. Here the author says that this process can be easily done by loading-off the server by allowing the browser to...

This is an article that clearly explains about performing recursive subroutines by using VB script with ASP. This is specially for the web developers to let them to write code for recursive sub procedures. The author demonstrates this process by...

This is a tutorial that elaborates on developing application rapidly. In this tutorial the author introduces a technique to develop applications which uses query strings and form values to call subs while the subs are existing in an included page.

This is a tutorial in which one can find some information about randomizing numbers. This tutorial says that it can be done by using VBScript Rnd() function. People can also find three sample codes in this tutorial to learn clearly about this...

Need to create a wrapper for ActiveX and use it in ASP.NET? The advantage is these wrappers don't require registration of ActiveX on server. Just copy it, allowing for easy deployment on remote servers. Even run ActiveX on shared hosting!

This is an article that can be used by the users to host multiple servers on a single IP address. In this tutorial the author guides users in hosting several domains under single with the help of request.servervariables("HTTP_HOST")....

This is an online tutorial that elaborates on creating search index with ASP. In this tutorial the author guides users how to format the search index on the ASP pages. Users can also find information about results arrangement too. This will be...

Maximizing the Performance of Your Active Server Pages is a web based tutorial through which users can learn more about ASP, methods involved in increasing performance ASP, ActiveX server components, SQL server, stress and performance counter and...

Description of math functions for ASP: Abs(), Atn(), Cos(), Exp(), Fix(), Hex(), Int(), Log(), Oct(), Round(), Sgn(), Sin(), Sqr(), Tan()

This is an online tutorial that covers on mathematical functions. This tutorial provides math functions like Round() (number rounded to an integer), Abs() (absolute value of number), sin(), cos() and tan() (sin, cosine, and tangent of numbers),...

This is a tutorial that covers on letting a window open up when ever visitors visit the website for the first time. This tutorial makes it possible by using javascript with ASP. This article elaborates that if there is any need to update the...

From this ASP tutorial, you will know how to add pop-ups on website without using form fields to define the pop-up height and width. Provides the solutions to display pop-ups in a way without popping off the edge of the screen. Sample code...