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NReco 0.1
Geeks TimePicker 1
PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET 1.0.1
powerKNOW 1.II
HierCube OLAP library 2.I
A World Recipe Directory v2.6 2.VI
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NReco 0.1
powerKNOW 1.II
PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET 1.0.1
A World Recipe Directory v2.6 2.VI
Geeks TimePicker 1
HierCube OLAP library 2.I
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NReco (.Net Reusable Components) is:
- general purpose components library (see implemented features), loosely-coupled (IoC) design, C# 3.0 friendly
- infrastructure for domain specific model driven development (DSM,MDD)
- ASP.NET model driven applications framework ( reusable webapp-specific metamodels and transformations, enterprise aspects (localization, enhanced permissions, visualization, search)

TimePicker is a custom server control tool for showing time in specific ways. It consists of three main DropDownList for showing hour, minute and second. As default it shows the current time. We have the choice of showing time with AM/PM mode or...

PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET is a suite of 20 Web Controls that allow you to update selected form elements from code-behind without refreshing (flashing) the entire page. They mimic many standard Microsoft controls, but allow you to...

Web-based Knowledge Management Solution to save and share knowledge.Create your Knowledge Base or Document Management System.It is very effective in managing different forms of existing Knowledge or creating & sharing new KnowHow in a...

Main features: / - Requires no OLAP-servers to work. It's possible to install the Library on any web site with ASP.NET support. / - An ability to create any multidimensional cube at the time when application is running. Cubes may be created...