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EasyQuery.NET WebForms 2.8.0
Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition 0.1
Evolutility 2.4
EasyQuery.NET WebForms 1.6.1
BuilderEditor 1.0
xSQL DataCompare 1.0
Total Grid
TEdit.NET 3.0
System Data MySqlClient
SweetSuite.NET Data Component (ssData) 1.I XML/A control 3.0
Snowflake Metric Control
PoSQLDirect .NET Data Provider I.80
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System Data MySqlClient
Active Reports
Evolutility 2.4
LLBLGen I.21
Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition 0.1
Free ASP.NET Code Generation
ObjectPersistor.NET Lite 1.I
GenX.NET 3.0
3D Data Grid
Total Grid
AXP Data Grid 1.0
BuilderEditor 1.0
EasyQuery.NET WebForms 1.6.1
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As the name suggests, EasyQuery.NET WebForms is a user-friendly solution for building database queries. This ASP.NET query builder will make things easier for the users of your web based ASP.NET applications and with it, they will be able to extract the information from the database that they are specifically looking for. The set of components is also exceptionally easy to use from a developer's viewpoint as well, providing an efficient and...

This software is the ultimate ASP.NET query builder, a component that will make building SQL queries easier than you could ever have imagined. Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition provides web developers with the tool they need to build SQL...

Evolutility is an open source generic web UI for database applications. With it you can build web applications for ASP .NET and Microsoft SQL Server easily without writing code. Simply describe your application structure (metadata for UI and...

How often your web-site visitors want to get some information which just lies in a database and can be taken from there by one simple SQL statement?
Tired to add new pages on your web-site?
EasyQuery.NET WebForms edition let your users...

BuilderEditor is a powerful and easy to use ASP.NET RAD component for maintaining a datasource (e.g. SQL database, dataset). It allows you to add, edit, delete and display data from a data source. It generates the data entry forms used to insert...

This is a database comparing system based on ASP.NET that helps users to compare any of their desired database items or the entire database. Data tables can be sorted in the synchronization scripts by FK-PK relationship. Users will be able to make...

Unidirect.NET is a .NET based database tool which access data from any data provider. It can access data from multiple database from the same code. It offers several classes and each one has different functions like uniconnection- it connects the...

Total Grid is a database tool which implements data grid that allows the users to display subtotals for their reporting frameworks which has been developed under .NET applications. It summarizes subtotal function. This utility has customizable...

TEdit.NET is a simple database tool which is used for allowing the users to control and customize the data from the database tables using different control features. By using this component the users can facilitate their database table with...

This program is helpful for the .NET application users who need to add and query their data on MySQL database, for this purpose it provides seven different components they are, MySQL connection- it is used to connect MySQL database, MySQL...

ssData is a SQL Server wrapper that includes support methods for working with databases. ssData has useful methods that allow you to clean data before inserting; converting a .NET DateTime object to a SQL Server universal date time format; Boolean...

This is an useful tool for the web developers to manage the XMLA Olap control from ASP.NET applications. Users can easily setup the controls by dragging on their .NET applications in few seconds. Some features of this tool are, drag and drop...

Snowflake Metric Control is an ASP.NET based database tool which is comprised with several controls to calculate low level to high level values to allow the users to view KPI semaphore concept on the web pages. The users have to connect just few...

This script is basically built by using .Net and which is helpful for the developers and for the programmers that allows them to integrate any type of their file formats into resource package. This utility also enhance users to edit string format...

This component is used in ASP.NET applications to access and customize data from PostgreSQL database. For communication with PostgreSQL server it uses native based protocol. It offers with several commands to communicate PostgreSQL database like,...

PagingRepeater control is an easy to use utility through which users can navigate through various pages. You can easily download and install this utility on your web applications. This program is written in ASP.NET.

A tool for fast development of .NET applications operating with databases. ObjectPersistor allows you to easily create and use persistent objects in any .NET language and execute object queries for access to relational database.

LLBLGen is a code generator tool which is helpful for the database administrator to generate data access stages for .Net platforms. This tool can interface the SQL server with any MSDE versions and also it can be work with any applications. SPROC...

Jisys WordReports is a Windows compatible script that allows you to make .doc or rtf documents without using word. Developed for .net scripts, wordreport lets you make charts and reports using C# or VB.Net without automation.

This script is an ASP.NET based online tool. After the approval of the webmasters the visitors are allowed to post their events. The calendar shows the previous and post dates or months. There are lot of advantage by using this script. This script...