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Gportal.NET Web Directory & News Portal Software 2.0
Passage Portal Server
Humanity Portal 2.0
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Passage Portal Server
Gportal.NET Web Directory & News Portal Software 2.0 Portal 1.V
Humanity Portal 2.0
DotNetNuke 2.1.2002
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It's powerful ASP.NET directory software. Gportal also can be used to manage news online. News manager functions can be used to publish content on a directory service. New Gportal System contains a well developed load balancing system. Software produces web results within mili-seconds. All your data stored in MS SQL Database server. You may manage your data with your own web service.
We pages has been designed to serve search engines....

This is a portal system that enables the combination of the efficiency of an enterprise portal server and a content management system for an effective distribution of web applications to the employees, partners etc., This program comes with a...

Humanity Portal supports upto 5000 users and it provides authentication and authorization services to constituent applications. Some key features of this portal are, it provides free email-based support, sample codes, web form support, free update...

DotNetNuke is a portal specifically designed for intranet and internet applications. This portal has customize module appearance with title, border, alignment, icon and background color. Some key features included in this portal are, it provides...

This is a Delphi 8 that enables users to build and run database driven websites. This program can be used for ASP.NET web applications. This portal provides support for both Microsoft SQL server and MSDE databases. The initial code of this portal...