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This is an online tutorial expalining about the art of accepting .NET components from COM clients and vice versa. The author starts this tutorial by briefing about COM and .NET. The author shows how to access .NET components from COM through a worked example. The article highlights the importance of finding the assembly and the usage of RCW. This article teaches the webmasters about the access of .NET and COM components and how those could be...

Accesing an ASP.NET in-built objects from the .NET components is the main summary explained in this article by the author. The author also narrates about testing the component on an ASP.NET webpage. The author provides the above process with a...

A simple excersise in how to pre-set and retrieve checked checkboxes in a CheckBoxList in a Datagrid is a simple tutorial which provides you the source code for displaying the item that is selected in the checkboxlist control that resides inside...

A Fast-Track Guide to ASP.NET is a web based tutorial in which the author tells you about the various server controls of ASP.NET such as web form controls, html controls, validation controls, list controls and rich controls. The author also...

In this web based tutorial you can get the 10 tips for building effective ASP.NET server controls. These tips explain how to assign unique IDs to the child controls, how to create RePaint() method for the custom controls of ASP.NET, how to...

.NET's interoperability with COM is the main theme discussed in this tutorial. The author describes how COM is good enough for component development. The difference between .NET and COM components are also discussed in this article.

The tutorial explains about what happens when a COM client retrieves a .NET object. CCW is generated by the .NET Framework. The author shows by an example in which the COM client and .NET component using delegation, how it extends the working of...