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Validating Emails Against a Mail Server - Part 1 of 2
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Validating E-mail Against the Mail Server
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This tutorial tells the users about tracking read emails. The author demonstrates how to track the read emails using ASP.NET. Through this article, using three easy techniques, you could find out when anyone reads out your email. Just like confirmation you could request the reader to mail his request before reading it. HttpModule is the recent method to track the read emails. The final method is to sent a transparent beacon image into the...

Email Notifier is an article dealing with building an utility for auto notification of emails on email server. The description tells that this application, "Email Notifier" checks the total number of emails present in the inbox of the...

Users send their emails then and there, but the unique way of sending emails through c# has been made easier by the author through this article. Sending email could be in any format. Mail process is given along with the site for the better...

This article teaches and lets you a have a program to send mails with line breaks along with text using NewMail object of CDONTS component. Given few coding lines are explained in detail to understand the objective of required methods and...

Clearing your address list is one of the most important task to overcome repeatedly sending e-mail to bad addresses or to subtract out the failure from an accurate report while response tracking. Simple solutions are also given for the complex...

This article explains about the developing of the source code to track the email and to redirect the emails. The main function of this system keeps you informed the geographical location of the user. In ASP.NET, a custom http handler is used to...

This ASP based article explains how to create a database entry form to store the given details into database. You can include a form to allow your users to send their own suggestions by simply studying this online tutorial. Tells you in detail...

This article clearly explains the basics of building an email application with all the needed protocols. For the usage of web based Email application, SMTP and POP3 email components are needed to send and receive emails. This articles also tell us...

ASP.NET:Email Web Page is a resourceful tutorial for the webmasters. The users could now change any web pages as HTML format and send it to any email address. The author created his own ASP.NET page to convert the web page as an email content and...

ASP.NET Email could be created using VB. This is about the article in which the author clearly explains how to create an email in ASP.NET using VB. With the help of ASP.NET Web Form controls and attached validation controls you could code the form...

This ASP enabled eductional module helps you to know the functions to generate form based emails using CDONTS. Explains to include destination email address to receive form data and tells how to manage the error occurs with mail sending. Also,...