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This is a program where the users have the ability to view state, zipcode and city. The users can create minimum lookups to the US portal service since this program can log the zip which is stored in a database. This program allows any users to register them in a form to sign up and validate data. This program can be cutomized and configured by the users. Helpful for the webmasters and the users.

This is a program that can show newslinks which is fetched from yahoos XML news feed implementing RSS. This program provide various parameters for modifying the news and presentation. This tag have the ability to process the RSS feed from yahoo...

This is a program which allows the users to provide their url, name and email for receiving their requested webpage with graphics and styleshets options through this tool. The users can send email to the specified address along with their url and...

This is a ColdFusion tag to manage your Verity collections. This includes repair, update, delete and purge. Search Module also exists for search the verity collections. /

The purpose of this tag is to protect your email address from being caught by spammers. Spammers use robots to crawl the web and pick up email addresses from all web sites that the robots encounter. This tag is in use throughout this site, check...

This is a script which describes the process of uploading GIF and JPG images through a web interface. This script has an ability to manipulate images by utilizing CFX_GIFGD. Users are allowed to create thumbnails for their images in pixels. Image...

This Tag allows to control the coldfusin services to start or stop with a single click event.

SparkPlug is a powerful, full featured, multi-site, database-driven Content Management System (CMS) with powerful features that enable easy publishing and management of both static and dynamic Web sites. * Multiple user roles * Editorial workflow...

A UDF (User Defined Function - CF5) that takes the number of seconds and mask provided and outputs the specified, formatted string. /

SalesAct is a Sales Automation Tool with a built-in calendaring tool. SalesAct will enable your salesreps to keep track of their prospects. The calendar will keep track of calls, followup calls, tasks, and todos for your salesreps, reminding them...

This is a tag which initiates the users to purchase a service for handling this tag to work under a safe and secured environment without the need of setup and install process. This program permit the users to create unlimited number of web pages...

This is a custom CFML tag which will return a pattern matched string to an array, with each backreference occupying an element of the array and the whole matched string occupying the first element.. This emulates the preg_match() function of PHP....

Whether you are a single real estate agent or a multi-broker firm that has hundreds of agents, realestateZONE can easily meet the needs of your company. realestateZONE gives your site visitors all the information about any property in one,...

Railo is a powerful compiling program that has the ability to translate and execute CFML codes. The runtime available in this program is equipped with all essential library for the translating tools and helps you to convert CFML codes of your web...

Peach Lite is a remote windows file manager driven by a limited version of the Peach CFC. Standard Features: * List drives * View hard drive properties and rename hard disks * List and browse through folder content * View and set file properties *...

jBLOB library is a set of easy to use ColdFusion CFX Java classes used to read and write binary information to and from database. jBLOB can be used to upload docs (images, MS Office files, etc) into Oracle, MSSQL and any databases with ODBC...

This tag takes two attributes a string and a number. This tag displays number of given words from the given string.

This is a program which gets the webpage url and redirects the user to the form and creates an email with CFMAIL and the link will be forwarded to the targeted user. The users can click the 'send' button after completing the fields in the form....

Exam9 Educator is used to set up multiple choice tests for set time periods that when submitted are automatically corrected and the results logged beside the student's or trainee's reference number. Exam parameters remain fully editable and...

This is a Web-based Address administration program based on CF Server 4.5 and a MS-Access 2k Database. Make sure you have a iis webserver, coldfusion server 4.5 or higher and odbc support installed. An admin account to create the users. Best for a...