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Ad Eagle Suite 2.57
The Ultimate Webmasters Tool 2.01
Site banner exchange system 1.V
Simple Ad 1.II
Random Newsletter Banner Ad 1.0
Qbanner 0.3 alpha
Power Ad 1.I
MIMAnet Ad Rotator 2.0
Mikey 1.0
Linktrakker DUO II.40
LedAds 2.0
jbBanner 1.II
Dynads Dynamic Ad Server 2.V
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Site banner exchange system 1.V
Ad Click-Through Redirection CGI 3.0
Power Ad
Ad Carousel 2.0
Random Newsletter Banner Ad 1.0
Ad Eagle Suite 2.57
Ads Pro - Complete Banner Management ?
Amibanex - banner exchange script
Amiex - Text Advertisement Exchange 1.0
AdTracker Pro 1.II
Mikey 1.0
CosmicBannerRotator 1.I
Ad Master 2.3
Alias Adtracking Pro 1.V
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Ad Eagle Suite is complete, feature packed, FREE advertising management software. More than just banner rotation software, with banner, text, Rich Media and HTML ads, Ad Eagle Suite has what you need if you want to keep your advertising management in house. It will be the last advertising management software that you need!

Management is a breeze with our easy to use administration area, where you can manage your inventory from your...

Track your marketing campaigns; track ezine ads; hide you affiliate links; collect your visitors e-mail addresses and names.

The Site banner exchange system is a script designed using Perl OOP that can be used by small websites to manage their banner exchange. It uses a template based web interface for easy customization of the admin pages. The script uses MySQL...

The SimpleBanner is a simple and easy to use ad banner rotation script which can be used to rotate the ads of your sponsors or to rotate the ads of your affiliates websites. The ad data are stored in a MySQL database and provides you with...

This is a simple ad management system written in perl. Simple Ad will give you the chance to get advertiser's and have them pay for impressions, It requires SSI.

The Random Newsletter Banner Ad is a Perl based ad management script which allows you to create a normal ad banner of dimension 468x60 with 6 random newsletters which are stored in a data file. The banner thus created can be placed in your...

Qbanner is a Perl+Mysql Ad-Server with support of GIP, JPG and PNG files. Provides Graphical representation of statistics. Provides cache busting. Help is needed to debugging,port to mod_perl other (transactional)Db, adding new media types,...

This script will help any website owner to manage a advertisement program for his site. It keeps track of the number of times that a banner has been displayed and clicked and the daily, weekly or monthly payment schedules from the advertisers. You... is a CGI/PERL script that automates banner displays that are related to the current month. In addition, it also displays the day, month, date and year in a text format underneath the graphic. The script starts at the top of a list that is...

The MIMAnet Ad Rotator is an online ad management script which is written using Perl for the purpose of rotating the ad banners on your site. It helps you in tracking the number of outgoing clicks. The features of this script allows you to select...

Mikey is a simple yet very effective banner rotation script. This allows you to add any type of advertisement for your website. This program has everything that you would need to start an ad campaign. Its features include member login, facility...

Linktrakker DUO is a traffic generating & monitoring software solution in perl. Easy to install and implement. It has user and admin panels. Just paste the html code into any webpage and start getting the stats for each campaign. Features are-...

This is the second generation of's perl-based banner program. Using this one can manage the banners (add, delete, modify) and also can view the statistics of clicks on banners. You can use standard ad banners or use your own...

This is a comprehensive banner management system that helps you to display banners on your website using SSI or JavaScript tags. With this script you can create unlimited banner ad groups and add, change and delete them at anytime, rotate links...

Dynads Dynamic Ad Server is a multi-platform compatible affordable Perl cgi script for managing, tracking and rotating online advertisements with rich dynamic delivery and interactive display options. DynAds supports banner, text, rich media,...

DAD is a comprehensive website ad management system. / DAD is a mod_perl application with advanced targeting capabilities, a comprehensive administrative interface, and automatic client reporting. Because it uses mod_perl, DAD can takes advantage...

Free banner rotation software to script for rotating advertisments for web pages. /

If you are selling something online through ClickBank then you need this script. It can allow you to offer anything to your visitors for free if they send you the amount of unique visitors you specify and also they will be able to earn commissions...

This version of the popular commercial advertising management script is for displaying banner ads in a somewhat random fashion. It's not completely random though because you can set the probability of it displaying each banner. This script also...

Banner-Serve maintains full stats for each user and each banner.