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HTML rotate is a simple solution to randomly rotating almost anything on your web pages. With ease, you can easily rotate banners, enhanced banners, images, flash banners, affiliate links, quotes, texts, and practically anything else. HTML rotate can also be used as a substitute for SSI (server side includes). Comes with a comprehensive control panel and setup interface for easy installation.

WWWAdverts is a system for maintaining a set of random banner ads dispay on your web site. Banners are displayed on your pages with SSI calls.

A comprehensive system for maintaining a set of rotating banner ads on your site. Banners can be displayed via JavaScript. Multiple advertisers with unlimited campaigns and banner ads can be created. It tracks exposures and click-throughs for each...

Displays random banners from a small SSI line. Many options to configure.

Manage commercial advertising banners on your website. Unlimited number of advertisers and banners are supported. Professional features like a versatile category system, automatic campaign expiration, detailed live statistics, customizable...

This script allows you to customize banners for each of your domains. It allows you to allow others to have your banners on their sites in a very simple and fast way, with full control and rotation.

This is a small but fast banner rotator available in both standard Perl and MySQL versions.

Allows you to display and track advertisements on your web site. Features include : a simple and quick installation process, a user friendly form based configuration system including password protection and optional logging of all displays and...

A simple way of rotating affiliate-based ads on your site. Just get the banner code from Commission Junction, Amazon, or other affiliation, add it to the rotation, and it will appear on your site using JavaScript or SSI. Since affiliates keep...

Rotate it is an advanced banner rotation script with many features.

Ad management software that uses an SQL database for ad storage and tracking. Counts unique clicks from IPs within a time period, includes many different ad delivery formats, and is ideal for pay-per-click situations.

This script allows your visitors or members to create a banner online within seconds. Banners can be free or paid, using the PayPal IPN. The banners can carry "created by" taglines and are not stored on your server, but emailed to users.

Advanced banner and image ad rotation management script on a MySQL backend that lets you easily create, edit, manage and display unlimited rotation campaigns. It tracks individual impression and clickthrough stats for each banner and supports...

A simple and efficient script for rotating ad banners on a web site. It does not require SSI. The script uses cookies to identify users and send them to the proper URL when the ads are clicked on.

A cheap alternative to expensive advertising scripts. Advertise is a script with two forms. The first works as a conventional server-side include for those who have it. The second works as a CGI script that reads your HTML as a template and...

An automated way to regularly post images and text to newsgroups. By creating custom categories of messages and pictures you have control over the content posted to each group, allowing you to accurately target your intended audience.

A free-for-all link system that generates it's page on the fly. Everything is based on templates so you control the look and design of your site. You can optionally display sponsors every * number of links.

This script is for displaying banner ads in a somewhat random fashion. It's not completely random though because you can set the probability of it displaying each banner. This script also keeps track of the number of times each banner is displayed.

With unlimited advertising categories and ads, you can rotate your ads on unlimited domains. The management system and ads are held on one server. Keep track of the stats in one location. Everything is webbased, so no FTP is needed. Ad impressions...

A banner rotation script that lets you add, remove, and edit banners from an admin page. Web based administration, unlimited advertisers, and full stats.