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The Original Self Replicating Affiliate Software by Webscape Worldwide
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YOURsoft affiliate programs provides low cost affiliate software in order to help you start your own affiliate marketing program. It offers the whole spectrum from pre-made scripts to the most advanced custom projects. These programs are written in Perl are commission based and are available as deal ware. The aim of these programs is to increase the traffic to your web site.

YOURaff is a combination of YOURad and YOURcom. It is a MySQL based affiliate software that has many advanced features. It supports both banners and text ads even when they come with statistics. These can link to homepage or any other web page...

This is the MySQL version of Ultimate Affiliate. This product lets you run a fully featured affiliate program from your website. It has been written in the Perl and gives you full control of your affiliate program. There are no monthly fees and...

The membership gives you access to all the current versions of the scripts as well as any services (such as the ebook cover generator) that will be placed in the membership area.

An Perl script that outputs correct affiliate program HTML code for your associates. Makes it more likely they will actually use the code after signing up to your program. /

This script uses's XML Web Services to give a REAL-TIME listing of all products Amazon has to offer. This is more than fully legal, it is recommended and implemented by to give "Affiliates" the ability to use this...

This self-replicator application gives complete real-time downline reports for the administrator and for the members. This system performs caculations for keeping track of a forced matrix, determining a new member's upline and placing each new...

This is a comprehensive affiliate tracking and management package. Its salient features are full customization and installation, a variable commission structure, support for two-tier commission, multiple banners, fully-automated setup for new...

Tell-Friends for ClickBank is a perl script with affiliate link generation and allows your site visitors to recommend any number of their known friends or relatives and earn commission. To enjoy the commissions the visitors must have a clickbank...

Affiliate management system supporting multiple affiliate programs at a time, individual click-through, sales and leads commissions. Security system prevents abuse of your system. Affiliate frontend for convenient affiliate handling. Integrated...

This application is based off our award winning TotalAffiliate Software for those that do not need an "everything" program. SaleTracker will effectively handle running a Sales based affiliate program, where you can pay affiliates per...

Power Affiliate Program is a full-feature tracking program which can be integrated into any shopping cart. Commissions are calculated in real time and more /

This is an affiliate referrer tracking system that uses id programming to keep track of affiliate commissions, website hits, sub affiliate activities and much more. It does not rely on cookies alone unlike most other systems. The system has a very...

This Overstock DataFeed Script automatically downloads the Overstock mega store data feed into your own MYSQL database and creates an online store featuring all 400k+ products listed in various categories and departments such as books, clothes,...

Maxcomm 100 is an effective affiliate script in PERL that assists all affiliates to earn commissions for the sale of amazon books. Using this script you will be able to display the whole of the amazon book lists with both hard and soft links along...

The MaxComm scripts allow you to perform searches on Amazon's complete book list from within your site. All book links returned in a search are transformed from soft links (5% commission) to hardlinks (15% commission). There are two versions of...

GPTEngine (TM) ( Get Paid To Engine ) is a suite of programs that implements a full affiliateship/advertising service on your site. Paid clicks, e-mails, banners, PopUp windows and much more are easy to customize and manage.Almost every task from...

Dealware Yoursoft Affiliate Software is Unix compatible. Commission based (easy to integrate with your existing shopping cart, supports PayPal and Search Engine friendly links!) and click-thru programs available as "DEALWARE". If you...

Commission based affiliate script. Works as a stand-alone or as a shopping cart/order system plug-in. Uses cookies to assign commissions. Sales tracking by 2 methods at choice: redirection or image tag on thanks page. Helps you make payments by...

This application is based off our award winning TotalAffiliate Software for those that do not need an "everything" program. ClickTracker will effectively handle running a "Click Thru" based affiliate program, where you can pay...