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Tetra-WebBBS 5.22
ZMB 1.0
ZC Board 2000 1.0b
XtremeForum 1.10
xboard 1.0
WebBBS Admin Plus 1.06
Web Crossing 3.0.2
vaxbb 0.95-1
Vag BBs 1.11
UpperBoard 1.0a
Ultimate Bulletin Board 6.0
Tiny 2.5b
TechnoBoard 0.1a
Techno Trade's Web Based Message Board 4.0
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ActiveBoard 2.1
E.Z. Board 6
Sporum 1.2
Forum / Discussion Board 1.0
Web Crossing 3.0.2
meep!Board 0.1
Emaze Forum 1.1
DCForum 2000 1.1
SiteNet BBS 2.0
Ruboard 1.1
Ikonboard 3.0
ZMB 1.0
Discus 4.0
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This forum is designed to be completely customizable with HTML template editing. It features message editing, search, admin and multiple forums.

A version of Matt's WWWBoard with greater privacy in that no email addresses are accessible from the board. Also allows emailing to webmaster or poster and notifications of follow-up posts. Simplified form layout and British date format option.

A MySQL-based bulletin board system that can be threaded or non-threaded. It supports email notification of responses and more.

This script is easy to install and requires no database. It uses a module to seperate the HTML from the code and features thread/message view and keyword search.

meep!Board v.0.1 is an online message board system running under Unix (needing Perl 5). Currently it is available free for download. It has plenty of useful features including: allowing you to easily design pages around it, HTML use within...

InternetBoard is a non-threaded discussion message board. It supports header and footer templates.

Run an unlimited number of boards off of one script.

A new, totally free bulletin board system that aims to provide you with all the features of commercial products. Very fast, very customizable and includes extensive administration/moderation options.

Manage your own web forum on your website. Allow users to post and respond to other posts. You control the main topics.

Roughly speaking, HyperNews is a cross between the hypermedia of the WWW and Usenet News. The basic idea is to allow readers to respond to any articles or responses they read in the HyperNews web. The articles support moderated organization of...

A fully-threaded SQL-powered forum that runs on Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL or Postgres. It includes a full feature set and completely customizable templates.

This forum features multiple topics and categories, user registration, profile editing, searching, user deactivation, pinning and closing threads, email notification, topic subscription, template system, language packs and more.

A simple to install and easy to use discussion forum for small and medium-sized websites.

Add a free discussion board with some unique features such as: automatic detection of URLs and E-Mail adresses, intuitive to use, and all entries on one page. A forum adds content to your site, and helps you building up a community of your...

Sol explains, "Your basic BBS. This Bulletin Board Script allows archived usenet-like archived discussion. Users can post new messages or respond to old ones such that their responses will create decending threads of conversation.

Lists an entire thread on each page and contains a lot of admin functionality.

This forum system features passworded boards, click tracking, extensive thread moderation, a full admin center, clean posting format, themes, user message blocks, attachments, message search and more.

A message board archive to help you create your own community. Based on user's comments and technical support experience, many new features and built in tools have been added.

A discussion board package featuring a fast-loading, customizable user interface that features user registration and password recovery, icons to indicate new posts, uploading of images and attachments, e-mail notification, and more.

Colloquius is a simple but powerful BBS engine. The package contains a members database which is used for authentication and administration. Users can post, edit, and delete messages, as well as create and update profiles. Administrators can...