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vaxbb 0.95-1
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Dialogue Forums is a general discussion group forum system which supports user administration and validation. It is completely contained within an MS Access database and runs using Perl/ODBC.

DCForum97, written in Perl, is a fully database-driven bulletin board system. Its features include multi-forum, fully-threaded discussions, and an easy to use administration center.

Allows for a threaded or linear style of message display. Lots of new features make this BBS fast, efficient, and attractive to users.

BBS software to create a message board that is fully customizable for an individual style.

This BBS allows the admin to edit/delete posts and manage passwords, supports mobile browsers, and will automatically add a user to the blacklist if they are posting the same words repeatedly or use prohibited words.

This script lets your visitors post in multiple forums, preview their message, add an icon and background music to represent the mood of a message, and email the original author when responding. The administration page allows you to easily add and...

This script runs a simple Bulletin Board System. A user can post a question or comment and followup responses can be attached. The script inserts the newest items at the top, creates separate pages to store the followups and links them to the...

A completely modifiable message board with a graphics kit to easily create your own icons and images to fit the style of the bbBoard. It can be accessed using a cellular phone, NNTP, Telnet and MSN Messenger.

Self replicating message forum script. Completely automated, it allows for free and fee based operation.

This program supports multiple threads, custom HTML-patterns, message storage in one file, and is displayed from one .cgi file.