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WebEvent Calendar 4.0
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WebCal 1.0
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Virtual MySql Calendar 1.0
uReserve Online Resource Scheduling System 1.0
UPDN Calendar Publisher I
uGolf Online Tee Time Scheduler 1.0
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RemindMe! 3.0.10
Prospector 0.80
Plans 5.6.2005
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HiContacts Pro 2.3
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web Calendar 2.7.8
Easy Calendar Generator 1.00
uGolf Online Tee Time Scheduler 1.0
Outlook TabCal 1.50527
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WebCal 1.0
CalendarPlus 3.0
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WebEvent is a calendar and scheduling application. This allows you to enter as well as update events from through a Web browser. Some of its salient features include mix and match multiple calendars in a single view, automatically sending schedule change notifications, look customization, synchronize personal calendars with palm and outlook, event reminders, searchable calendars, meta-calendars, user authentication, customizable style and...

Webcalng is a webcalendar, which is an essential tool to schedule for businesses, clubs, schools etc.,In schedule making it supports by repeating events. It is easy to manage and create access to multiple calendars and also to install with the...

WebCal allows you to create and maintain an interactive events calendar on your Web site. The script can create calendars for any desired month from 1601 to 2899 A.D.; events to be displayed are stored in an easily-maintained data file. Calendars...

A powerful webbased group scheduling system.

Wcal is a web based calendar that has been designed to meet the requirement of multi user setups in an Intranet. This is especially useful for companies that publish schedules and timetables for their employees and members on the web. Some of its...

This script allows multiple users to add events to a calendar. Admin section provides an interface to setting up the database and allows you to modify/delete any users events, or the entire user. Color and style are customizable to match your site.

An online resource scheduling system that allows members in your organization to share and reserve any type of resource such as conference rooms, computer systems, electronic equipment, and more.

This calendar allows you to publish events, schedules or news on to an online web calendar. For the same day, multiple events can be posted and the calendar can be either called directly or through SSI.

A scheduling system that allows golfers to reserve tee times online. Golf courses and country clubs can allow their members to view tee time schedules, check the availability of tee times, and reserve tee times directly over the web.

Organizes your list of assignments. As one of two top level admins, you will be able to create tasks with instructions and comments, and have notifications automatically sent to assigned staff members. Selected staff may then log in, read about...

Remindme lets the users to get their auto reminders via email about a date at any designated interval before that date at their own choice. This is a PERL based script and with the help of this script users can have their options to select any...

Prospector is a online calendaring program that is similar to those found at Netscape and Yahoo. It has been written to run under mod_perl and use an SQL database using DBD/DBI.

Plans is a PERL based script, which can be used as a web calendar. It is CSS based, so the users can match the fonts and colors with their website. single installation is enough to produce many calendars. Plans allows multiple languages and it...

TabCal reads tab formatted calendar files, so you can import events from Outlook. You can integrate your calendar into your website with the same look and feel as Outlook. You can also insert upcoming events onto each page.

New Features Recurring Events: Now you can add items that occur more than one time. Multiple Day Events Spanning: Now you can add events that span multiple days. User Interface: Totally revamped user interface. Much easier to use. Custom Fields:...

OnlineDirectory is a highly customizable "online telephone book". Harnessing the power of Perl, you can permit your visitors to find information such as telephone numbers and addresses of people. This is an excellent way to keep your...

A script for managing online events, updates, keeping an online journal and more. You can use a different background scene for individual months.

A lightweight, easy-to-use web calendar that includes an email script that runs cron everyday to remind you of upcoming appointments. You can also convert the online calendar to a printable format with PSCal.

Advanced calendar and event management on a MySQL backend that allows you to create, manage, customize and publish events on-the-fly via a web-based control panel. The events can be added online and approved by admins or added by admins later....

This script allows users to signup and add their own reminders all via a simple web interface. This service mails reminders to people at the appointed times allowing for free advertising space for you in the emails.