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BlueChat 2.4
Rapid Chat 2.0
IEZChat Perl Script 1.1
Ralf's Chat 1.3b1
Zebot 2.47
Flash IRC clientPerlMUD 3.0
Pothead The 2nd 1.1
CGI:IRC Module 0.5.9
Atheism 2.0.6
Tuxaator 2.0
XChat 1.I
Wow Messenger 1.1
WebChatter 2.0/4.0
WebConference 2.0
VirtualChatter 1.1
Top Code
Wow Messenger 1.1
VirtualChatter 1.1
Live Chat! 2.0
Build-A-Chat 2.VII
SFEChat 1.0
Midmart Photo Chat 1.0
Net World Chat 1.2
Abiya Chat 2.30e
WebChatter 2.0/4.0
Easy Chat Page Generator 1.0
ChatterBox Plus by Poetic pollution 0.2.6
XChat 1.I
Active Relay Chat 2.0
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BlueChat is a fast, free, web based chat program with many features. Color codes, smileys, actions, multiple channels, chat logging, and curse word filtering. Works with both UNIX and Windows servers. Requires a server with Perl 4 or 5 installed.

Rapid Chat is chat Software. It is a unique chat system with some unique fun features found in no other software.

One of the biggest benefits of Rapid Chat, it is totally flexible in many areas such as configuration, themes and user...

IEZChat Perl Script is a very easy CGI Script that allows you to install a basic HTML chat on your site.

Ralf's Chat is a free chat script written in Perl and released under the GNU GPL. It supports multiple rooms, language files, a DBI for MySQL (optional), streaming (requires MySQL) and a lot more.

Zebot is a modular and fun ircbot.

This code was then heavily extended, adding especially the ability to differentiate between owner,ops and normal users. A further addition was mainly the addition of OO-build modules.

PerlMUD is a MultiUser Dimension (MUD), a text-based environment that allows multiple users to converse, explore, and interact. PerlMUD is written in Perl 5 and is highly compatible with the well-known TinyMUD command set, which...

Pothead The 2nd is an ircbot.

It has a weight converter, a date matching system to tell people if there relationship is hot or not.

It has a learning database to allow users to add information into a database...

CGI:IRC Module is a Perl/CGI program that lets you access IRC from a web browser, it is designed to be flexible and has many uses such as an IRC gateway for an IRC network, a chat-room for a website or to access IRC when stuck behind a restrictive...

Atheism is an extremely flexible and configurable multi purpose Perl script for X-Chat.

It's main features include:
- Advanced auto-away functions.
- Announcement of away reason on selected channels.
- Announcement of...

Tuxaator code provides you a lightweight IRC bot/dictionary, easy to set up and to localize.

X Chat is a PERL based script which lets the webmasters to have a simple chat system having five types of communication. The first one is 'say' which can be used for the normal text messages, the second one is 'shout' for sending important...

WoW messenger is an instant messaging system for real time messaging,online users list , friends list and offline messages are its main features also has "appear invisible" feature so no one can find you online.

WebChatter is a fast web chat program that has a Realtime web chat environment. This means there is no browser refreshing and that all the messages appear immediately. This has been designed to work the way IRC (Internet Relay Chat) does, and is...

This chat solution includes online customer support, economical conferencing, public/private chatrooms, and more. Over six years of experience providing real-time chat solutions.

A simple chat room with login, mutiple rooms, user banning and full admin control.

The original chatterbox that is faster and more stable than the original. It features admin names, a password protected admin panel to delete messages and more.

SPAds PopChat (Popup Chat Window) it's a fast, clean, no maintence, Cool Chat program for your website. SPAds is completely self contained and easy to setup, just add your sites information variables and your ready to go!

A frames-based chatroom that supports several admin functions such as kick, ban, adduser, deluser, showusers, "op" and more. Admin can add emoticons and it features registered users, temporary admins, who's online listing, topic changing...

RZ Chat features some of the best features of any CGI based online chat system including server push real time chat sessions, multiple room support, avatars, admin module, & more!

This script is built for chatting and it is easy to use. With the help of it the webmasters can create a unique chat with customizable backgrounds, colors and layouts. It has configurable room names, room colors, HTML Tag checking, security levels...