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YellowMaker 3.II
World Wide Classifieds Merchant Version Merchant
World Wide Ad Maker
WebTools 2000 Classified Ad Programming
Smart Classified Ads 4.0
Simple Classifieds I.77 Classifieds
My Classifieds SQL 1.0
Mill Road Classifieds
Interactivetools Listings Manager II.52
Chilli Classifieds updated 3.I
e-Classifieds Standard Edition sponsored II.35
e-Classifieds Standard Edition II.35
e-Classifieds Premium Edition sponsored 3.V
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CC Ads 1.0
B2B Solution 1.00
e-Classifieds Free Edition 3.II
Chilli Classifieds updated 3.I
DCAds 98 v 1.0 Beta
Mill Road Classifieds
World Wide Ad Maker
World Wide Classifieds Merchant Version Merchant
Interactivetools Listings Manager II.52
e-Classifieds Basic Edition updated 4.V
Becanada ISELL 1
e-Classifieds Photo Edition updated 4.V
e-Classifieds Premium Edition III.43
e-Classifieds Premium Edition sponsored 3.V
e-Classifieds Standard Edition II.35
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YellowMaker, is the most powerful self-administered business directory designed for internet users and communities to set up a professional-looking yellow pages on the web. We offer a full range of business listing solutions, ranging from our entry-level Lite Edition for only $29 to our $149 (discounted price) Professional Edition. We also provide a Free Edition for you to try. With YellowMaker written in Perl, you have the power to create a...

World Wide Classifieds Merchant Version is similar to the World Wide Classifieds script. It has an additional feature that it allows you to charge your customers for placing ad's. This payment can be made using

With this script, you can allow users to register and create ads with pictures, description, and keywords. It has a search page that allows users to search by categories that can be set in an array. It can be used as a classifieds, personal ads,...

WebTools 2000 Classified Ad Programming is a script that will allow you to create your own Classified Ads System for your website. This is a database driven system that can be installed on your ISP for your exclusive use. The system includes...

It's an automatic Web-based program enabling you to run a powerful online mall offering free or fee based full-page Internet Web Ads, complete with a photo, links and a unique Web address . It also has features such as category support, search...

Smart Classified Ads is an easy to set up and configure Classified AD system.

Simple Classifieds is a very easy to use, basic classified ad script that uses a flat text file for storing data. Classifieds is a set of three scripts. These are classifieds.cgi, remove.cgi and removeall.cgi. These permit the user to post/view classified ads, remove their classified ad and allows the administrator to remove all ads posted on a...

My Classifieds SQL is a free classified script that is Perl/MySQL-based and is designed to suit the requirements of small to medium sites. It has many features and some of the salient ones are the ability for users to delete and edit their ads,...

Mill Road Classifieds allows you to post ads along with photo upload. It can set the number of days the ad will be displayed before it is automatically deleted. It will allow you to edit the ads- header and category pages, can also delete ads and...

Listings Manager is a simple, but powerful tool for managing listings and classifieds. Create content with an easy editor that lets users add/edit listings with up to 10 photos per entry. Other features include: user access levels, a powerful...

Chilli Classifieds is a program that allows registration, moderation, auto expiry and renewal, multiple currency billing, unlimited nested categories, extensive email functions and many more. /

This is a full featured classified ads system which has options for upgrade. Its features includes photo ads with intelligent thumbnail scaling, context-sensitive help system, ad review, privacy mail, send ad to a friend, auto notify, user...

The e-Classifieds Standard Edition is setting the standard in high quality classified ads software. It offers a powerful array of features and ease of use for only $199. The e-Classifieds Standard Edition substantially outperforms all other...

This premium classified ads system provides an automated real-time credit card processing features. This ensures that your clients do not have to leave your site to make a credit card payment. Some of its salient features are multimedia upload...

The e-Classifieds Premium Edition is a premium classified ads system. It includes completely seamless and automated real-time credit card processing features so that your visitors will never have to leave your site in order to make a credit card...

e-Classifieds Photo Edition updated is a powerful photo classified ads program that allows users to add their own photos in their ads. Admin can set maximum file size of uploaded photos, maximum width and height in pixels, and can even disallow...

The e-Classifieds Free Edition allows you to quickly set up your own classifieds section using easily configurable categories and other variables. All pages are generated dynamically using your settings, so there is no need to manually edit any...

The e-Classifieds Basic Edition is an affordable classified ads script that has been written in Perl. It includes features such as support for optional banner ads, easy setup with dynamically generated HTML pages that can automatically incorporate...

DCAds98 is a database-driven Classified Ad System. Some of its highlights include: Two levels of category, Template driven outputs, and Auto-deletion of ads.