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This script can help you if you generate the same format pages repeatedly.This will also help the users to easily create data-entry and display screens. The procedure is that you specify a file on the local hard drive, upload it to the script, and the script will generate a form for you to fill in. After you submit the form your values are inserted into the same document and you will get finished HTML. This will work on any form without any...

This script visits's homeland security page to fetch the current threat level and displays the approriate image.

This script helps you in the work of creating and editing the footer and header files on your server. These files can be in turn be inserted into any of your HTML pages. Its latest version is 1.32 and is available for free.

G-WCM is a browser based web content management system. It allows you to add and edit the content of your site from a simple web browser interface. Additional features include: updated index files to create site maps, section contents and...

Gifsize is a perl script that will routine which will tells the browser how to layout the entire page even before receiving any data on the included images. It does this by inserting the height and width variables into the in lined images used in...

Genpage is a perl script that can help in managing the web content within a consistent looking web site, easier. This is achieved by building a template of the consistent or the regular features of the site into a separate layout file that all the...

This script formats and indents HTML code with the help of spaces or tabs, and writes a new file with the results. It makes code generated by some WYSIWYG HTML editors easier to read. It can convert all tags to upper- or lower-case. It works on...

FlyPage will help you update all your pages with a simple web form. Some of the features included are: Unlimited number of web pages can incorporate flypage tags in a web site, with each page functioning independently, even if the web pages have...

This is a very small script that can be used for periodically clearing the log files or other files that get too large quickly and the size needs to be contained. All you need to do is to define the file that needs to be flushed and then run the...

Flipper is a Perl script. This script rotates any two web pages either with the touch of a button or by an automated process. It is an ideal scripty for rotating content and also helps you to test the effectiveness of new designs

Give your web site a comprehensive worldwide dining guide including restaurant information, reviews, and direct links to even more reviews. Includes support for Regional Dining Guides for localized web sites.

E-Z Site Builder helps a novice programmer to create their first webpages. This script has a very easy to use, fill in the blanks type format. E-Z Site Builder stores the user pages in a database file. After the user has made his first page, after...

ES Site Templater has the ability to create and maintain multiple templets, navigations menus, and hundreads of pages, the Site Templeter allows your website to run smoothly, with little effort. The Admin Center gives you the ability to create,...

List of files and directories with direct links, file date, size, attributes and filetype icons; change number of files per page; multiply, delete, rename, copy/move and chmode operations, create new directories; archivation by TAR and GZIP...

edit WRX is a web based content manager that helps users to create web pages and manage contents on them. It has many advanced features like, image, forms, stylesheet, table and java wizards, editing page source codes, editing full page or...

This script displays the HTML code to the user after reading a file. You are required to include a SSI call where you wish the HTML to be inserted. When the server sends the file the script will add the HTML code where the SSI tag was, on parsing...

This is a Perl script which can help you in managing your website. It allows you to update the style of the entire site by making changes in just one file. You do not require the Server Site Includes to be available on your website. It is...

cssfile is a script that allows user to select different and multiple CSS stylesheets in a web page. The usage of different stylesheets could be to improve user accessibility, support alternate devices like laptops or printers, or just to offer...

csCreate Professional is a content management solution for websites. Editing web pages are done through a web browser. This program can create any number of users and provides admin capabilities to decide level of access of each user. Users can...

The content manager 2003 is a one screen microsoft word style drag and drop online html editor. Practically no installation required (upload a directory and make all .pl files executable). The editor does not require you to modify your existing...