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CMS is a groupware application that allows a group of persons to share documents via a web interface. It is a Content Management System written in Perl. This system facilitates people working in a group to share files and work on them without hampering or interfering with the others work. This is done by a process which involves checking in, checking out and reserving files , so that everyone in the group knows that you are working in a...

Cont Ray is a content management system for users to modify and manage website contents as well as alter web pages. The design layout of the site is independent from the content so as to change the design easily. This program is best suited for...

Cog is a script written in perl. It aims to make every aspect of a web site configurable through the web interface thereby giving the user freedom to make adjustments according to choice and requirement. Many users each with a separate...

For the sites where each web page has content accompanied with banners and the content needs to be frequently changed, this script is very good. It allows you to save the HTML tags in one text file and then every page will display these tags,...

csPublisher is the powerful, user-friendly, browser-based web site editor that enables any non-technical user to create, edit and manage an entire website with very little effort. Powerful file management capabilities allow you to preview files,...

A self contained search utility. Easily setup a directory that automatically lists the millions of products sold on The script will plug in your Amazon Affiliate ID so you can earn a commission on anything you help Amazon...

adv.Edit is a perl based website editing program where users can change their web pages. This program has several features like, spell checking, uploading images and deleting unwanted images, restriction on file creation and available files,...

Add2File is a useful script for adding text or html to files on your server. You can do this by filling in one form field. This script can be used for search engine or random link database updating and is password protected. It is very easy to set...