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ActivDesk 2
WonderDesk 2.1
WebTTS 3.0
Website Supporter 2.0
Webchatter Live ?
Webdev Live Support 1.0
Web Talk 1.0
Web Dev Live Support 1.0
Trouble Ticket Express 2.03
TicketAssistant 2.0
Talk Now 2.0
SupportaMatic 1.0
SuperDesk 1.0
SunnyScript's MessageSuite (plus) 3
SPAds e PopService 1.0
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WebTTS 3.0
A1 Support 1.0.0
iTrack Web Interface 2.1-beta Supportsystem 1.II
Trouble Ticket Express 2.03
Customer Tracking System 1.II
Docbuilder 1.X
ActivDesk 2
@1 Helpdesk XP Perl 1.20's Product Quotation Generator
Doc Architect 1.0.5
cns Live Help 1.1
TicketAssistant 2.0
@FAQ Wizard
SuperDesk 1.0
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ActivDesk SQL is a feature rich web based help/support desk system. In today's information age, your customers deserve and demand great customer support. ActivDesk has been designed for this from start to finish, no matter how demanding the task. ActivDesk comes with fully Customizable/Brandable Customer Control Panels, Comprehensive Admin Panel, Knowledge Base Functionality, Support Staff Access Levels, Unlimited Staff Accounts, Email...

WonderDesk is a fully automated help desk for the web. Increase your level of customer support by keeping your incoming support calls organized and allowing your customers to track the progress/solution to their support request. This web based...

This trouble ticketing system has been written in PERL5 and allows ISP's to track various service related problems. This is used by businesses and individuals to track problems in some types of products or services.

Web based customer support script that centralizes all support requests and allows you to provide fast and efficient support from any computer. Supports multiple technicians, self correcting installation, template driven pages and more.

Webchatter Live is a multi-platform compatible script that lets you find out who is on your web site and talk to them. Any time a new person enters your web site, you'll be notified. Runs through your web browser!

Webdev Live Support is a Unix compatible real-time messaging software that allows your sales people to chat directly with customers while they are on your web site and allow you to add the human touch to your help system. The software is 100%...

Add live customer service to your site and host real-time customer support systems.

Real-time messaging software that allows your sales people to chat directly with customers while they are on your site. It is completely web-based and requires no extra software or hardware. It supports unlimited helpers, support request, multiple...

Trouble ticket software with a simple yet powerful help desk. It features correspondence tracking, email alerts, unlimited operators and highly customizable HTML and email templates.

A complete ticketing system designed to offer an organized way of keeping track of visitor questions, members' requests, or support for your customers. It features a web-based settings panel, auto-backup ticket archive, stats and more.|Ken Livingston

This script allows you to chat with visitors on your website. It has a user friendly interface and offers features such as audio indication when new customers request talk sessions, answering machine, sending images, pushing customers to different...

This script allows your users to contact you instantly. A window pops up on your screen with new queries. When you answer, the users screen is refreshed with the answer. It includes AutoPotti, AudioAlert, FAQ, AutoDelete and more.

A help desk script to allow a web site's staff to manage user requests. It is completely customizable, easy to use and includes an integrated control panel. It supports both text and HTML emails, email attachments, category management, ticket...

trouble ticket and e-mail management system. Integrated FAQ and KnowledgeBase solutions. Effectiveness statistics. Multi-admin support for workgroups. Web-frontend, easy to customize. Support of offline communication channels.

With Pop Service installed on your site you can provide real time live customer service for your customers, clients, users, etc.

Real Time Aide Personal Edition is a Perl script that allows you to add customer service to your web site very easily. It allows you to have unlimited operators online, real time visitor domain name display, and functions such as Email-a-Chat,...

This is an online customer support tool which is used by webmasters on their website to communicate with their site visitors by sending and receiving messages. It uses POP3 account for transferring email messages. This script contains several...

PopService can be utilized to offer the facility of real time live customer service for your customers, Clients, Users etc. This enables the clients to access your customer service section and seek clarification on questions pertaining to the...

Online support ticketing system for websites that want to show professionalism and deliver high end technical support for their clients. Includes webbased admin control, a built-in FAQ system, searchable ticket database, and ticket/user...

Chat with visitors on your website. This script can accommodate unlimited customers at no extra cost.