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Simple Mail System 1.0 for Email System Utilities 1.1
qmHandle for Email System Utilities 1.3.2
MaSoWeb - Mail It for Email System Utilities 1.1
Notespam for Email System Utilities 0.9.0
MailScanner for Email System Utilities 4.6
Archmbox for Email System Utilities 4.9.0
Mail Notification for Email System Utilities 4.0
TFMail Autoinstall for Email System Utilities 1.5
AnyEmail for HTML Mail 1.1
POPFile for Email System Utilities 0.22.5
Soupermail for HTML Mail 1.0.8
senddfbymail for Email System Utilities 1.2.0
Echolot for Email System Utilities 2.1.8
Qmail-Scanner for Email System Utilities 2.01
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Souper Mail 1.0.8
Uniform Mail for HTML Mail 1.0
MaSoWeb - Mail It for Email System Utilities 1.1
Perl Version Of Php Mail() ?
Multiaccount Web Mailer ?
Centipaid Email Postage Toolkit 1.0
@mail Webbased Mail 2.1
Postino Pro I.30
Open WebMail for Email System Utilities 1.1
Anti SPAM Form to Email for Email System Utilities 1.1
qmHandle for Email System Utilities 1.3.2
Blq utility for Email System Utilities 1.23
Qmail-Scanner for Email System Utilities 2.01
Card Script for Email System Utilities 1.1
SQLgrey for Email System Utilities 1.6.7
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Besides sending simple mails, they will be able to send file attachments as well with their message.

It provides a simple way to make newsletter/discussion list email subscribe/unsubscribe text links function as a handy form selection box.

Real world testing has shown this to be 400% more effective than standard listserv-type links!

qmHandle is a simple program which allows you to view and manage the qmail message queue.

The key features of qmHandle are:
- Freeware and open source, under the GNU General Public License;
- You can read the qmail queue, like...

MaSoWeb - Mail It script allows you to send tha content of a form in your inbox directly.

Notespam is a very simple script for Linux and Unix systems that can tag messages as spam, based on any of the DNS-based Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs) available over the Internet.

Notespam works as a filter: it takes an e-mail message...

E-mail viruses costs businesses millions of pounds every year. Spam accounts for around 60% of all e-mail traffic, wasting large quantities of network bandwidth and resources.

There are many commercial e-mail systems available for a...

Archmbox is a simple email archiver written in perl; it parses one or more mailboxes, selects some or all messages and then performs specific actions on the selected messages.
At this time archmbox supports mbox and mbx mailbox formats.

When new mail arrives, Mail Notification alerts you by displaying an icon in the system tray. Moreover, a mail summary can be displayed in the icon tooltip, and notifications containing useful action buttons can be popped up.

It can...

TFmail is a script which allows you to receive the results of an HTML form submission via an email message.

TFmail is *not* a plug-in replacement for, although it has a lot of the same features. TFmail is configured via text...

Anyemail is a POP3/SMTP email client installed on a web server, which allows you read/send email from a web browser. It turns any POP3 mail account into web mail.

Anyemail is installed on a WEB server as a CGI program that can...

POPFile is an automatic mail classification tool. Once properly set up and trained, it will scan all email as it arrives and classify it based on your training.

You can give it a simple job, like separating out junk e-mail, or a...

Soupermail is a free, generic, highly configurable form to email CGI program.

Soupermail is a generic HTML form handling script designed to provide a high degree of control over a form's behaviour and output.

It provides the...

senddfbymail is a Perl script (with Web interface) that can download files from the Internet (via FTP or HTTP), split them into parts, and e-mail them to the user.

Echolot is a Pinger for anonymous remailers. A Pinger in the context of anonymous remailers is a program that regularily sends messages through remailers to check their reliability. It then calculates reliability statistics which are used by...

Qmail-Scanner is an add-on that enables a Qmail email server to scan gatewayed email for certain characteristics (i.e. a content scanner).

It is typically used for its anti-virus and anti-spam protection functions, in which case it is...

Postcard Direct is different to all other postcard systems because it sends the postcard directly to the recipient. That means there is no database to maintain and no postcards to "pick up". Most other postcard systems:


Spamcup is a tool for automatic Spamcop reporting. It performs the same actions as if you were to report spam to with a Web browser, but from the commandline.

randomsig is a program for randomly generating signature lines for email messages.

Usually this is done by reading in files and filtering out certain lines. It's especially interesting when it is configured to read from your mailbox.

Open WebMail is a webmail system based on the Neomail. Open WebMail is designed to manage very large mail folder files in a memory efficient way. It also provides a range of features to help users migrate smoothly from Microsoft Outlook to Open...

SQLgrey is a postfix policy service implementing a grey-listing policy. It is written in Perl and uses DBI to access an SQL database.

Its goal is reducing the SPAM reaching user mailboxes.

SQLgrey gained the following...