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HTMLfixIT Site for Download Managers 1.00
CountDown Downloads for Download Managers 2.1
Download Tracker script for Download Managers 1.06
Download Tracker for Download Managers 0.04
Bitflu for Download Managers 0.33
Sirobot for Download Managers 1.2.0
Daboo Local Analysis for Download Managers 0.06
Download Monitor for Download Managers 0.99b
ShotGun for Download Managers 1.1
WebUMake File Manager 2.01
WebRSH 1.1b
WebAuth 1.0.0
Web Thief 1.01
Veinotte's Advanced Web File Editor 1.0
Subtitle Cutter
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WebUMake File Manager 2.01
File Scanner 1
File Index Suite 2
PFS 2.5.1
Download Monitor for Download Managers 0.99b
HTMLfixIT Site for Download Managers 1.00
Bennie Webdesign File Browser 1.03
efileman 7.1
File System Manager 1.0
WebRSH 1.1b
ESize 1.1
eMediaAdmin 2.0
SiteMgr - a web site manager
DirWrap 7.0 0.502
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HTMLfixIT Site Download Manager script will perform the download functions for your files. It will also allow you to insert the download count into your page (Via PHP include or SSI).

One copy of the script can handle as many files as you like. Very easy to configure and install, and one install will handle all your file download needs. Best of all it has a password protected "Admin Interface" where you can see and reset...

CountDown will track the number of downloads of any file(s) on your website. You only need a link to the script of the following style:

All download files must be located in the same...

The Download Tracker is a CGI script that manages the downloads from your web page. Options include requests for email address and anti-leach system. Have a back end control panel.
- Option for asking for Email.
- Count the downloads.

This code allows that specified files to be logged as they are accessed. This is a nice enhancement to the standard logging that the web server does, as it only tracks what you specify.

It masks the download directory to prevent other...

Bitflu is a free BitTorrent client. The client was written in Perl and is designed to run as a daemon (7x24h , like mlnet) on Linux, *BSD and maybe even OSX. Features:
- Multiple downloads
- Designed to run as a daemon/No GUI: You can...

Sirobot is a perl script for the console to make downloads faster.
It can traverse into a WWW tree and download the whole page including all images and linked documents.

Unlike wget, sirobot is able to download more than one file...

Daboo Local Analysis is a reporting package for use with Download Tracker, Daboo Local Search, Meta Spy, and HTML2PERL. The following information is analyzed from the above listed log files: Date, Time, IP Address, Item, (Times Found, where...

Download Monitor allows you to easily track all downloads on your website.These sets of scripts will provide you with detailed statistics of all files downloaded (Counts, who Downloaded what, and other detailed download statistics).

This script counts the number of times a file is downloaded along with the date of last download and user I.P. address.

Optionally using SSI, individual download counts can be displayed for website visitors. All download counts are...

Control your directories and files. Delete, rename, copy, move, create and set permissions. Also upload/view/edit files, search for files or directories, get a tree view of all directories and password protect directories.

WebRSH is a CGI program which implements a general purpose web-based computing shell. It provide a command line interface, file manager, text editor, and a few other basic things, while being highly configurable and adaptable to various tasks. It...

Establish and maintain a client/user download area. Downloads are enabled on a per-user-per-file basis for a preset period of time. Features a multicategory mailing list, admin interface, webbased interface, lost password retrieval, fully...

WebThief is an extremely easy to use script intended for grabbing files and pages from World Wide Web via HTTP protocol. The WebThief works with httpget.lib library, which supplyed with this package. To receive data from the web, you shold specify...

Advanced Web File Editor 1.0 is an extension of Web File Editor 1.01. This version includes the ability to edit in one directory, or in all subdirectories. You simply set the path, select "Include Subdirectories" and the script will make...

This is a perl script that performs the function of cutting file like in to seperate divisions by specifying both the start and end time and should be done twice for making in to two parts. This program is a handy tool for the...

This CGI script will perform most of the file operations required for web site maintenance. You can use it to copy, move, edit, delete and upload files, and to create, move and delete directories. Installation can be done by the user or at the...

This script provides HTTP server runs with sufficient permissions to perform the following tasks on files and directories: list files and directories based on relative or absolute path, sort the listing by any attribute, filter the listing using...

Quick utility script that lists every single file on your server. Does a recursive search to include all sub-directories. Does not require any supporting modules. This script also summarizes a count of all your files by type and shows you...

Quick utility script that allows you to search your server for any file/directory by name. Also includes an extension filter. This program is not a site search engine for public use, it does a recursive search through every single sub-directory on...

A simple FTP client that doesn't truly establish an FTP connection. Instead, it uses Perl/CGI to create a simple web-FTP client.