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ShotGun 1
Scriptown File Downloading 2.0
Script Master 1.32
Quick Download Registration 1.0
Pay-Pal IPN 1.0
PageLOG 1.0
MailFile FileDownload 1.0
IPN-File Delivery 1
Getitex 1.0
FTPex 0.9b2
FTP-dvPro 1.00
File Mailer 1.11
Download Tracker 0.95
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DownCount 2.5
Download Manager 1.0
Download Statistics. 0.9
Quick Download Registration 1.0
ShotGun 1
Script Master 1.32
Pay-Pal IPN 1.0
Customers Control Panel 1.0 FileDownload 1.0
Ababa Download Counter 1.0
PageLOG 1.0
CFiles 1.11
Scriptown File Downloading 2.0
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This script tracks download counts of files along with the date of the last download and user IP. Using SSI, individual download counts can be displayed on your site. All download counts are displayed online for the site owner. Anti-leeching enabled.

This script allows you to send files to your users via email attachments.

Gets the users email and name before they can download a file. It writes the information to a database sends them an auto reply thank you. You get an email notice of the download.

This script allows you to set up a registration form that you have to fill out each time you want to download a file. It has support for files that are in non-web accessible directories which makes it so that you have to fill out the form for each...

Verify all Pay-Pal transactions to ensure orders are completed before allowing the download of your products. It keeps track of the number of product downloads and limits the number of attempts a buyer has to download. If products are updated,...

A program to track file downloads. Allows an admin login to check the stats.

This simple script allows you to send multiple files by e-mail to someone requesting them from a web page.

Monitor the files your visitors download. It has an advanced admin and auto-installer.

This program allows you to utilize the Instant Payment Notification feature of your PayPal Business account to instantly email purchased files. Program traps the IPN data and mails out the program to the recipient immediately. Even works on...

Getitex simply checks the referer of a file request to ensure other people cannot steal links from your site.

FTPex lists all the files in a specified directory on your server in a way like FTP servers. But now you can customize the layout of the page in any way you want.

A command-line script for downloading files off remote Unix systems. This utility can retrieve an entire site, including subdirectories. Includes user or anonymous login, processing of unlimited sites from one use, site-specific configuration,...

Send a ZIP file as an attachment to any email address. Helpful in protecting your files as the visitor never finds the location of the file.

The Download Tracker manages downloads from your web page. Includes anti-leaching options, and requests email address. Full logging capabilities with admin control.

This script provides detailed stats on files downloaded and allows the webmaster to build a mailing list and send email to users who downloaded files.

Track the download count of as many files as you like. Display the count with SSI. Includes a password protected admin interface.

Provides detailed download stats for unlimited files. Also allows you to build a mailing list to email the users who downloaded your files. Includes a webbased admin panel.

A simple but powerful download management script. It uses a template for the download page, the user can only download files so many times a day and it keeps detailed stats of all downloads. It includes an admin tool to add/modify/delete files and...

DownCount is a stats system for regular file downloads. Package includes download stats and easy administration. Users can be made to enter their email address before downloading. blocks other sites from linking to your files. Great for saving transfer space. Features a custom "access denied" page and more! Easy set up, does not require SSI.