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E-Mail with Auto-Reply 1.1
Form Chainer 1.0a
Form to Inbox 2.0
FormChainer 1.1
CGI::ContactForm 1.50
Form A Table Database Storage and Retrieval Application 1.2
Superfrm 1.1
FORM2FILE free 12 Decembe
Webmail 3.2
web2mail 2
Web Mail form 1.I
Web Mail 2.0
Web Dev Form Mail Plus 1.0
Versatile Form Mailer 1.0.0
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AFU Form Submit 40531-0940
Anon Mail 3.0
nms Formmail 3.12c
CGI Form Mailer 2.IX
Messgeconfirmed 0.3
Envex Form Mailer 1.2
Attachment Mailer 1.3
Smart Form Mail 1.III
Secure HTML form processor
Email Verification System (evs)
Free Customized Feedback Form
Form Manager: Web Based Form Manager! ?
Email with Auto-Reply 7.0
A&M MailForm 1.2
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This mailer script is a quick way to get an e-mail form and autoresponder working on a site.

Need to pass data from one form to another then simply download 'FormChainer' our perl based application
which allows complete and easy control over the passing of data between pages. And it's FREE. Pass data between as many pages in turn as...

Form to Inbox script is a simple form parsing script.

FormChainer is a perl based application which allows complete and easy control over the passing of data between pages from one form to another.

- Pass data between as many pages in turn as you like.
- Simple...

If you stick with the default layout, CGI::ContactForm lets you create an unlimited number of forms with a minimum of effort. There are various methods to customize the form, and with help of templates, the layout is fully customizable. The main...

Form A Table is a freeware application licensed under the GNU Public License. Using a form page on your site you can add data to a Mysql or flat file database. Then using the query screen visitors can do searches on any column of the database and...

Superfrm is a form processor script. It is designed to allow you, the webmaster, to easily setup multiple form processors on one or more servers. These servers can be under the same or different domains.

The script will read the form...

The use of "forms" in an internet page is a must when you need your viewer to supply you with some information. However to get this information off the browser machine to the location you want is normally the difficult part.

Simple but powerful form handler that contains security checks to avoid external abuse. Can handle both sendmail and SMTP.

Form to email processing, one installation supports unlimited number of seperate process and delivery locations, includes customized response page location with each form.

Contains several options which allow you to change the way this web based form processor works. All data is e-mailed to the specified recipients.

This script is used for generating a custom email form that enable webmasters to access message from their site visitors regularly. This script validates each entries of the submitters and then it allows user to submit form. If error is found it...

This script is a web based email form creator. This script allows webmasters to create and display an email form on their website which asks their website visitors to fill out each field and then it turns the output of a form into email. This...

An automated script that allows you to build and manage multiple mailto forms to use within your site. The forms can send mail in both text and HTML format. Also it can send attachment files. It includes an admin panel to manage everything.

This form mailer includes unlimited form fields, seperate redirection for each form, security features and debugging. Your email address is not embedded in the form.

Sends form data to one or more email addresses. It features the adding of ticket numbers to the subject line, a powerful JavaScript validator, a diagnostic mode and more.

Easily integrate existing hard copy forms with electronically submitted forms. Some knowledge of HTML and CSS2 are required to modify the included template. The client fills out the form and submits it, TopForm displays back a printable version,...

TopForm is an online form processing solution that integrates with existing form and it does not require to remove your current hardcopies. It matches the existing printed forms that is submitted by conventional methods. Some main features of this...

Tecform allows you to specify within the form which fields of the form are manditory an which are not. So you will not recieve a mail if the form is not completely filled in with all the information that you need.

Tecform is a simple email form script. This script is completely template based for sending mails through a HTML form. If any field is empty it will send an error message to the submitters that asks them to fill out the fields without leaving...