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WebMagick 2.II
WebGallery 1.2.2001
Vgimages 3d
Thumbie 0.5
thumbelizer 0.8
The PartyTime Photo Community 0.9.1
Slikpiks Photobook CGI Program 0.3.7
Schlabo's Scripts - Show Picture (SP) 2.I
Schlabo's Scripts - Comic of the Week (COW) 2.I
ReJump GD Imager 1.2
Popeye1 Image Gallery
POD-l 2.00
Piclinks -
PicLink Advertiser Lite 1.0
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ReJump GD Imager 1.2
Photo Album Script By 4
WebMagick 2.II
The PartyTime Photo Community 0.9.1
Schlabo's Scripts - Show Picture (SP) 2.I
Auto Thumb
WebGallery 1.2.2001
thumbelizer 0.8
Pic Compressor 2.8
Photo Gallery Generator 1.I
Popeye1 Image Gallery
Vgimages 3d
NeonSlideShow 1.0
FreeVF (Image voting script Am I hot or not?) 2
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The WebMagick is a simple and easy to use script which is available online for creating an online image gallery. It requires Image Magick graphic library for creating thumbnails. It allows the user to go through the thumbnail images on your gallery and allows them to view the larger image by clicking the thumbnails. The thumbnails can be generated for any image format like GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, Photo CD etc. The script is also designed to...

The WebGallery is a simple and easy to use script which is written using Perl for the purpose of generating high quality web pages for displaying your JPG images. The latest version of this script is capable of supporting gphoto like themes,...

Unlimited number of categories. Unlimited number of subcategories. Unlimited number of images. Easy setup of the number of images shown per page. Easy setup of the image's label and description.

The Thumbie is a Perl script which allows you to create an online image gallery with an index page and displays every image in a separate page. Once you load the script, it searches for the GIF or JPEG files in your database or directory and...

The thumbelizer is a simple and easy to use script with which you will be able to create hundreds of thumbnails in real time. It searches for the image files in the directory and generates thumbnails automatically. You can also view the thumbnails...

The PartyTime Photo Community is a script written using Perl with which you will be able to create a dynamic and interactive online image gallery. You can upload your digital cam images and publish them in your gallery and also you can allow your...

The Slikpiks Photobook CGI Program is a simple Perl based script which helps you to create an image gallery out of the JPG images from your digital camera. The script contains an user friendly interface. The thumbnails can be resized to fit in the...

This program will make a thumbnail from an image at the click of a button.

When linking to a picture this script automatically creates HTML pages on the fly with the picture, a description and a link back to the refering page. Also features Display-Counting, guest-logs (also for Top XX pics), a comfortable administration...

Schlabo's Comic of the Week can show multiple pictures (for example comic-episodes) on a weekly or even daily base, complete with archive. It features: Assign comics for as long into the future as you want - The script will only let the visitors...

A simple tool for image processing. You can scale an image, impose it on a substrate and more.

The Popeye1 Image Gallery is a Perl based script that can be used for creating an image gallery with HTML templates and to create thumbnail pictures. It creates an index of the images in the directory for locating the required images easily. The...

The POD-I is a simple and easy to use script with which you will be able to rotate the images on your website every day. The script will select a random image from your image directory and displays it as a thumbnail image on your website. It can...

Ever thought about a site where people can upload their own small gallery of pictures, say 10, and the script would automatically thumbnail the images, create a page with the persons username and thumbnail gallery images, which when clicked, went...

The PicLink Advertiser Lite is a simple and easy to use script which helps you to create hundreds of webpages for the purpose of advertising with hundreds of keywords to link the pages in various search engines. With this script, there is no need...

A system to scan your webservers harddrive and compress all images to the lowest possible filesize without losing all quality. It works in conjunction with ImageMagick and requires it to be installed on your server. This script can easily be...

PhotoPost Lite is related to Photopost. The difference is that is does not have all of the same features.

PhotoPost is a feature rich database driven community photo gallery application that allows your site's users to easily upload photos to categories, and enables visitors to post ratings and feedback about those photos. You can easily display large...

Photo Gallery Manager 1.2 (PGM) allows you to build, archive and remove multiple Photo Galleries from a single internet based interface. PGM even allows you to resize images online, publish thumbnails that link to the full image, and integrate...

The Photo Gallery Generator is really a simple and user friendly script that helps you to create your photo gallery instantly. With the help of the Image Magick library, the images in your folder are copied and resized to create thumbnails and all...