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ROADS 2.4.2001
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Pslinks :: Automated Links Management ?
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Grizz's Free Links Script 3.00
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Linking Reporter 3.0
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uDirectory is an online directory and listing management system that allows you to easily create, update, and maintain an on-line directory.....without ever writing a single line of .html!

Stouk SSI Links is designed to allow web administrators manage blocks of links listings on their web pages remotely. Features: Practically no configuration during installation process; Secure Access with different levels of security for links...

SnapDex provides a high speed, quick, affordable & very powerful PHP script that will enable you to create an entirely interactive link index! Enable your visitors to submit their own links, rate links, submit reviews, add them to a favorites...

Offer a free search directory on your website. Visitors can add their URL's. Create your own custom categories. Includes an online control panel.

ROADS is a Perl based script which is a collection of tools for building a link directory similar to that of Yahoo with numerous features. Some of them are: allows users to view the listings in different formats, allows browsing through...

Pslinks :: Automated Links Management is multi-platform compatible. Manage all your web site links/banners using only a web browser. Specify link target. Open in new browser or specify the target frame. Allow banner upload for use in linking,...

Manage all your web site links/banners from a browser. This script features optional banner upload, file type limitations, maximum file size, ten custom fields, list paging, optional public adding of links/banners, email notification of new...

This is a Perl based script which can be used to create and manage your own links database similar to Yahoo on your website. You can allow your users and online visitors to submit their links with information regarding the website title, URL,...

FFA Links is a free-for-all link system which generates a page on the fly of links. Unlike rival scripts it doesn't simply write a HTML file, lagging your system but uses a database and the CGI script to display the results dynamically.

MOZZY lets the add content from the Open Directory Project ( to your site. This gives you an instant directory bigger than Yahoo. It is fully customizable and very flexible. Custom modules can be added.

The Free for All Links is a Perl based script with which you can allow your members or online visitors to submit their links to your website and run an online search engine full of links. The features of this script include customizable responses,...

Set up your own searchable links directory. Directory pages are static HTML for fast display and low server load. Users can modify or delete their own links. Can be set to instantly add links, or require moderator approval.

The Links PPR is a Perl based script which allows you to have link directory that is based on advertisers bids. It contains all advertisers features like creating and editing profile, change bids, view statistical information, ability to add,...

Links 2.0 Extended is multi-platform compatible. Allows you to run a complex link directory without being overwhelmed by editing and updating HTML pages. Also it contained some features as ADS system, stats system, unlimited mailing lists support,...

Links 2.0 is Unix compatible. Links is an easy to use, versatile directory management program. It allows you to run your own miniature Yahoo-style directory with unlimited levels of categories and a powerful search engine. Developed in 1997, Links...

Linkman is a PERL Script that stores the HTML for your links in a text file, and in any page you insert the code, it will display your links. It rids of the hassle of updating links on every page, every time you add a new page or change the...

This is a simple and useful script that is written in Perl that can be used to generate reports regarding the popularity of your website's link in popular search engines by submitting a query to each of the search engine on which your link is...

The LinkIndexer is a script with which you can design and manage a link directory on your website with full of links submitted by your users. some of the main features that are included in this script are: ability to lookup passwords, send email...

LinkController is Unix compatible. Link Controller is a link checking system designed to minimise the amount of time spent dealing with broken links. It does not report the links as broken until some time after they are first identified. It also...

Link SQL is a script that use MySQL for the creation of a search engine and directory similar to that of Yahoo etc on your website easily. With this script you can provide your customers a search engine with advanced ranking system, to create...