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MojoDirectories - Directory Software 2.0
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MojoDirectories is a stable and powerful web directory software on MySQL database backend that allows you to run a free or commercial directory and charge per listings or on a recurring subscription basis on your website. If you are a company or agent and wish to manage your in-house listings in an effective and organised way, our web directory software is the right choice for you. Features: Mod_perl support, search engine friendly features,...

An add-on feature of our BizDB Web database and search engine system. This software will transform a BizDB database into a hierarchical directory link system. Page layouts are customizable.

uDirectory is an online directory and listing management system that allows you to easily create, update, and maintain an on-line Directory without ever writing a single line of .html! Easy-to-use forms allow anyone to create and maintain online...

This directory builder comes with an admin control panel that allows you to create, customize and run a fully functional search engine. Supports unlimited sub categories, includes a crawler, link checker, site rankings, site reviews, text/layout...

The Link Doctor maintains a directory of links, or any other similar information. Member manager, link verifier, and newsletter are among the many features.

A directory/portal script designed to allow a web site to offer a full-featured directory of resources/links similar to the Yahoo! search engine. It is completely customizable, easy to use and navigate, and is fully controlled by an integrated...

Build and manage an interactive directory of links and listings. Includes a powerful search engine, directory system, link manager and listing manager. Features email-a-friend, priority link option, dynamic or static pages, unlimited categories...

Create, manage and run your own search engine and directory with total control and ease. It comes with an extensive admin panel, crawler, spam filter, premium links, link reviews/ratings, a content sensitive banner rotator, HTML generation,...

While designed to manage links, this script can handle Image Galleries, Classified Ads, Press Releases, Yellowpages, Company Directories, Personal Ads, or any other categorized database. Comes with all the tools you need to manage your database.

Run a complex link directory without being overwhelmed by editing and updating HTML pages. Integrated ADS system, stats system, unlimited mailing lists support, metasearching, webmasters control panel, recip links management system and more.

A complete links directory system modelled after Yahoo and inspired by The CGI Resource Index. Keep track of new links, popular links, categories, sub-categories and more! An SQL version is also available for $450 for very large and high-traffic...

Each record in the database has 7 fields. You can decide what and how many categories you will have. The user has a choice of searching for 'any' or 'all' keywords entered, or browsing by categories or viewing new links added within the past 30...

A comprehensive link list organizer that will allow you to customize and administrate a small to very large link site. It sorts your links by alphabetical letter, but it can display them randomly or evenly and also rotate them automatically for...

You can create a link directory for each site you run. It features a drop-down sub directory structure to the lower level. It also creates a map so people can locate suitable categories offline.

A feature-packed portal builder development toolkit to build and maintain a portal or categorized link-indexer.

Directory and search engine software that is SQL database driven and includes webbased config and setup, 100% template based customization and more.

A link index and search engine script. It features HTML or dynamic mode, integrated top sites list, results feed, banner rotation system, a reviews and ratings system, and broken and reciprocal link checking..

An unlimited license version of Hot Links Pro for web hosts. It contains all the same features as the regular version but includes an automatic installation program that can be added into a control panel environment.

A full-featured development kit for webmasters who want to operate a directory search engine. It runs with MySQL databases, can handle millions of records and has a suite of functions to maintain the website with no programming experience.

A small script which will create a clickable link tree based on your directory structure.