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WoodLog for YAWPS 1.0
Whoisonline 1.0
WhoDidWhat 1.2
Webpage Private Eye 1.1
WebLog Manager Pro 1.0.42
WebLog 2.20
WebGenie Site *Sleuth 1.07
Web Log Analyzer 2.0
Web Access
W3Perl 2.98
VReport 3.0
Visitor Activity 1.0
Users Online Elite
Urchin 4.1
UF Prime 0.9
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Analyse Spider 2.08
MegaStats 1
Superstat 1.2
Whoisonline 1.0
Traffic Tracker 1.04a
UF Prime 0.9
Visitor Activity 1.0
Super Stat 1.3
A1 Statistics 1.9
SmartScript Advanced Logging Utility
A1-Statistics 1.0
Log Watch 1.0
aWebVisit 0.1.2
AWStats 3.0
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This script tells you the who, when and how (browser and OS) of visitors to your YAWPS portal. Includes a neat GUI.

This script analyses your visitor activity and tells you the search engine your visitors come from, the keywords they use, the link they follow to your domainm, which files they request, and the errors that occurred. Bot activity can be seen....

WhoDidWhat is our WWW statistics program. It reads log files generated by a web server and returns statistical information in either comma delimited text file format or HTML. It can also generate graphical plots for certain types of statistics.

A complete website tracking system that tracks unlimited pages. Tracks thirteen stats including unique/return/online visitors, browser, country, offsite links, downloads and referrals. Sends daily stat emails, includes an online admin and more.

A Perl script auto-created by PC application that tracks standard logging fields and additional things like how often a visitor returns, provides a clickpath analysis of where visitor goe son your site, how long they stay, etc.

WebLog is a comprehensive access log analysis tool that allows you to keep track of activity on your site by month, week, day and hour, to monitor total hits, bytes transferred and page views, and to keep track of your most popular pages. It can...

WebGenie Site *Sleuth is a useful program that tells you how many people visit your site each day, what time they logged in, where they come from and which search engine and key-phrases they used to find you. With this program you can build an...

An access log analysis tool that allows you to keep track of hits by month, week, day, hour, and totals. Also logs bytes transferred, page views and referrers. It will print out a report showing the paths taken through your site by visitors.

User friendly feature rich customization options. Easy to read customizable reports. Easy Setup - you can be up and running in minutes. Reports by Day, Hour, Page, IP, and Top-level-Domain-name. Hot buttons to track specific IP, Page, or Time....

W3Perl is a graphical stats package which displays lots of informations about visitors in a nice way. It includes referers, browsers, error log data and session, web structure and much more.

Track visitors to your site using SSI tags on the pages you want monitored. It creates its own data file and does not require stats software, database programs or access to server log files. Reports can be sorted by date, IP address or page...

Track your visitor's web activity. See where they came from, what they looked at and when they did it in real time. It can also act as a basic hit counter.

This script tracks visitor paths through your site and plays an audio alert when someone enters your site. It keeps logfiles of visits that can be viewed from an admin section. Also includes a search function to find out how many hits came from...

Urchin ASAP is a fully functional, top-tier log analysis tool for servers hosting at least one website. Urchin's Site reports are created for every website on your server, and contain: summaries and averages (referrals, search engines, and...

An advanced tracker with plenty of stats, including date, IP, browser, referrer and current location. All info is collected by an image and JavaScript.

Traffic Tracker provides the ability to measure traffic entering, within, and leaving your website using a redirection processor. It provides synoptic, real time reports of daily, weekly and total visitations to your site as well as certain...

Traffic source will record referring URL stats. It includes stats graphs and a comprehensive control panel.

Meaningful web statistics without server logs or SSI. Traffic Log enables you to track hits and unique visitors, hits by page, and captures the entry page for each visitor.

Analyzes server access logs and generates an HTML report. Includes an hourly-breakdown graph of server usage. Saves hashes from parsed log file into metafile for quick regeneration.

Delivers daily, weekly, and monthly hit statistics/graphs. Shows the path the user used while traversing your site, along with time per page. Gives graphs on Operating System, Browser Type, Computer Type, Weekly accesses by day, Monthly acceses...