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WWC Notify 2.III
WU Mailing List Software 1.01
World Wide List Manager 1.0
Wnx Mailing-manager 1.0
Web Email Distribution List 1.0
The Pro@utoreply Autoresponder ?
The Mail List System 1.II
Sven Neuhaus's Notify 1.III
SunnyScript's MailingStar 2
Subscribe Now 1.0
Subscribe Me(TM) Professional 2.02
Subscribe Me! 2.0
Subscribe Me Pro 2.044.09P
Subscribe Me Enterprise 2.045.01E
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CommunityMailer 5.1
ESM - Email Subscription Manager 1.0
BulkMailer 2.1
Automatic E-Mail Follow Up System 2.0
Send Email to Members 1.VII
Email Grabber
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Fortuna 1.0
DirecteMailer 1.2
DirecteMailer advanced mailing list manager 1.II 1.II
Easylist 1.0
BigSender 3.557
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WWC Notify is a full featured mailing list manager which has perl and CGI driven modules to enable the webmasters to inform their visitors everything about their site via emails. Lists used to contain all users contact mail addresses can be created numerously on the fly. Links for unsubscribing can be provided with each sent mail to enable user to remove their names from subscription list. Email format can be verified before adding it into...

This software allows you to collect email addresses from your visitors and manage up to ten mailing lists. Subscribes and unsubscribes from a web form, sends customized email messages and allows you to manage the mailing list through an admin area.

Want to run your own ListBot type service? This script will allow you to do just that. It offers mailing list owners the ability to allow users of their site to OPT-IN on their mailing list. Mailing list owners can mail to the list at anytime,...

Wnx Mailing-manager is multi-platform compatible. WNX Mailing-Manager is the perfect tool you can use to send personalized and effective Newsletters to your current and prospective customers per mouseclick. Features: create and administrate...

Maintain web based email distribution lists. Based on Web Email Lite which allows it to use all the features of Web Email Lite's form processing capabilities. Email addresses written to a plain text file for easy maintenance. Extensive security...

The Pro@utoreply Autoresponder is Unix compatible. Then the Pro@utoReply Autotoresponder is just what you're looking for! The Pro@utoReply Autoresponder is the "autoresponder of choice" for online marketers who want a POWERFUL yet...

The Mail List System helps the website owners to provide a newsletter service with their perl supported websites. Users can use the newsletters forms to request emails subscription from your website. HTML type of files can be uploaded with mail...

Sven Neuhaus's Notify has several perl features to execute the email services in an easier manner. Webmaster can create multiple subscription groups and provide a link on webpage for allowing users to subscribe for a desired group. Cookies for...

This script supports an unlimited mailing lists, customizable messages, moderated subscriptions, list and user management, statistics and reports, attachments using MIME compliant mails, e-mail import utility, fraud prevention, admin panel and more.

Let your visitors sign up for your mailing list and send email to all subscribers at once. This script keeps track of subscribers, sent emails and more. Customize the responses and provide an automatic unsubscribe link.

Subscribe Me's big brother. No text files to edit, HTML installer/interface, unlimited lists, listimporter, cuztomizable response screens and HTML formatted e-mail, no time outs on Unix or Windows NT, "Double Opt In" option to allow...

A powerful program designed to allow hands-free maintenance while building a mailing list/prospect base! Use the ability to ban e-mail addresses and even entire domains from subscribing. Includes improved interface, option to send mail as HTML or...

Subscribe Me Pro is a perl built software that offers facilities to construct and maintain a mailing list for subscribers. It is browser based tool thus can be accessed anywhere from the world. Sendmail, BLAT, and sockets can be used to send...

Subscribe Me Enterprise is a perl driven software through which website owners and their members can interact with each other. Mails can be sent either one of Sendmail, BLAT, or Sockets mail programs. Many levels can be included with subscription...

Users can easily add/remove themselves to/from any of your list using a simple form. The admin can add and remove addresses from any of the lists and send e-mail to whole lists or individuals. Sends batch e-mails so your server is less likely to...

A complete rewrite from the original tgat features admin login, a user list with complete profile editing and removal system, signature saving, data extracter, and speedy mail processor to distribute many emails efficiently.

smc MailList standard is powered on CGI and perl scripting language that offers features to manage subscription module through web based admin panel. Email campaigns support both HTML and normal text in any language. This can be used to store upto...

smc MailList Professional is a perl oriented programme that is more useful for the webmasters to manipulate their members contact details and to co-ordinate their interaction through several mailing lists. It supports many features which are: real...

A complete mailing list management system allowing you to integrate unlimited lists, customize data fields and more. Add custom HTML to subscription pages, responses and list descriptions to match the style of your website. Use a webbased...

A simple way to manage your email list. Run multiple lists with one script. Allow your visitors to specify HTML or Text format. Save your email templates for later use. Optional email confirmation to avoid abuse. Requires Sendmail.