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csPost 1.1
Everyday Hero 1.4.0
Modular Homepage System 1.0
Softcomplex CMS 1.0
LibData 2.30
Term Tree 6.x-1.x-dev
Bob's Simplistic Navigation 1.0 "Goober"
Start Page Script
WebGUI for Script 7.6.31
HTML replace script 1.1
XIMS 1.2
Reset password page 6.x-1.0-rc2
asc2pov 0.1
Experimental Factor Ontology Script 1.0
Krang 2.20
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Yahoo expired domains
The Valve 1.0
WebTranslate 0.2
MAK CSS Style Selector System 1.1
Coupon Creator 1.5
Geozip 1.1
DigiPager 1.2
Perl domain checker script for Apache
X Poll I.21
Alumni Pro 1.0
LDAP-Express I.40
Profile Copier 1.I
Random Image Generator (RIG) 1.0
Ace Email Syntax Checker
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The WordPress File Commander enables you to manage all files on your webserver. Users can create, rename and delete files and folders. After activating the plugin you will find the the interface in your WordPress Admin panel dlT¬ Tools dlT¬ File Commander. If you are logged in as administrator (with user level 10) you can setup the options in Settings dlT¬ File Commander.

* File Commander requires PHP5!

Yahoo expired domains is a perl script which checks for expired domains from yahoo directory and sends you email. Cron is used to collect expired domains. This script brings you daily report of expired domains. Users are allowed to select their...

This script helps you find XSS holes in your script to patch them.

It is a perl script for the users to create dynamic polls. It prevents users from voting twice by using cookies, cookies stores the user information and restrict them after one. It comes with admin control panel, where the admin can create new...

Access your PC based voice modem .wav files in gui format from the web. Requires a voice modem with answering machine software. Complete start to finish instructions, pricing and setup requirements available for a nominal fee.

Wilma is a flexible, Web-based list manager; with it, you can do everything from administering a 'What's New' list to allowing users to submit, edit and delete classified ads. It can be used for maintaining bookmark lists or even administering the...

Webwatcher keeps tracks of owners and expiration times on a collection of files in a collection of directories. The filename are investigated and the number of days a content will be active, are notified to the owner of that a document. Output is...

A highly efficient database driven Trouble Report and Change Handling System. Keep Track of open and completed change requests or use it for bug tracking. Assignement to various resources or different queues possible. Features also include adding...

WebTranslate is a perl script to translate by changing the file into PO files. This script can format, import and export the GNU files to PO files using perl script. The users are allowed to select the translation language and the script with PO...

This script allows people to apply for a website award. It can automatically email people when they apply, are accepted or are declined. When accepted, it sends your award image as an attachment.

This script will display the current server load for the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes (uptime info) on an HTML page, color coded according to the load.

Using this Perl script engine you will be able easly create professional web site. This engine allows: * To use embedded Perl, * Buffered/non-buffered output, * To manage cookies, * Full featured sessions, * To use pure Perl mail client, * To use...

Speller pages is a Perl script with javascript library and web user interface used as a spell checking script. It can be used to create content managent system, message boards, web mail and more. It has many enhanced features like coming with...

Web DEX is a perl script for rolodex site. This allow the users to register themselves for mailing lists and generate an email that can be used in banner ads and then they get a small rolodex site. It has many features for the users like, users...

This script sends an automatic email notification whenever your site is visited. It also tells which search engine crawler is indexing your site.

Kudos is a script for people to post significant achievements ie, special birthdays, anniversaries, graduation announcements, even death notices. Kudos allows surfers to post their congratulatory remarks about these achievements all in an easy to...

This perl script will scan your sendmail logfile and return detailed information about attempted message transactions to unknown users on your mailhub.

Uses ZIP codes to find cities, distances and zip codes within a radius.

Once again, We have taken a project above and beyond the realm of the existing. This is our Ultimate TGP script set and as the name implies, it has no rivals. This program was designed from the ground up to do everything other scripts do, and then...

Tribute To America is a multi-platform compatible script that supports the effort of helping those that were affected by the tragedy at the World Trade Center. Give life, give blood, and help spread the word with this script.