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Random Image Generator (RIG) 1.0
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Find-n-replace :: Find It And Replace It! is a multi-platform compatible program that makes series of consistent changes that you need to make to a series of files on your server. For example, the Copyright footer on all bazillion pages in your site need to be updated to the current year. You could go into each page and make this change, OR you could use csFind-N-Replace and edit all the pages at one time! It even searches subdirectories. Use...

FastAward maintains your own award in a simple way. The database automatically accepts submissions and lets you to review them later and upon approval, adds them into a winners database. This utility includes in-built search engine and password... is a perl script to fake Server Side Includes. This script is useful for the system which doesn't support Server Side Includes (SSI). It converts file from one form to another. An online example is given on the website to give you more...

This program converts CGI input data to XML, eases web-enabling of legacy applications, lets you call unlimited commands, accepts file uploads, lets you return any valid MIME type, supports cookie data access, and is designed with security and...

ezDirectory is a perl script which stores the peoples contact information with a distinct ID into the database. It is simply a web application using PerlDAP and CGI with LDAP Directory Server. This tool is platform dependent. It is easy to... is the most affordable expired domain name software script offered today. Our program uses eNoms API and registers any domain name the instant it expires. runs silently in the background on your desktop pc. The...

Esvon Direct Email Collector is multi-platform compatible. Fast email address collector from newsgroups archives. It can quickly gather large amount of e-mail addresses from selected list of newsgroups. Just set newsgroups list to extract emails...

This script makes it easy for customers to submit comments and even easier for you to manage and display these comments.

A unique formless email sending and logging program. It uses a list of "sponsors" and email addresses that you maintain via the admin area. It creates a log entry when someone clicks a link to send email to one of these sponsors, but...

eCam is a perl script which stores the uploaded images into MySQL database. This script will update various images into MySQL database for every 10 seconds. It uploads if only the mean difference is greater. eCam is a client server architecture....

The Weatherlight Dynamic Content Generator is a tool for the controlled placement of dynamic content generated by external programs into an HTML file, similar to that of Server Side Includes but with more flexibility.

This script allows you to enter a URL and it will display the size of the page and estimated download times for various connection speeds.

Give free donation pages to your visitors. Site owners can set their own donation amount and also get listed into the site donations database. Site donations are done through PayPal.

A web-based database to help you keep track of the vast amount of electronic documents and BibTeX entries you might have in use. Browser plugins and console frontends are developed to allow fast access with your typical tools.

DigiPager turns an organization's web site into a "speed dialer" for messaging their digital cellular equipment. Part or all of your fleet will get the same message avoiding the sometimes very confusing and lengthy group call. Compatible...

A very fast doorway page generator for MS-Dos perl 16bit. You must have the necessary libraries in order to run.

Microsoft programs add special tags to a HTML document so that it can be round-tripped from HTML back to the program that created it. Demess .9 allows you to cleans up Word and Excel generated HTML files when you do not need the ability to take...

Csmembership - Site Member Automation is both Unix and Linux compatible. csMembership is a mySQL driven user management program built around PayPal's subscription services. csMembership interfaces with PayPal to allow for automated user sign-up,...

This script can make consistent changes across a series of files. It even searches subdirectories. You specify the text to find and the text to replace it with, then the script will open up each file on your server, search for the original text...

csBlog is a powerful blog (web log/journal) management tool. Use the script to create ongoing news items or journal entries. csBlog allows you to quickly and easily manage entries into your Web site with ease.