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Password Robot 3.0
Web-Guard Pro 2.2
Web Password Encryption Management Tool 1.00
WAccess 1.1
Veinotte's Member Manager II 1.0
Veinotte's Member Manager 1.0
Users Only 1.1
t4wsentry 1.10
SunnyScript's AccessGuardian 2
Site Entry Professional 1.17
Securitron 1
Register 1.2
Profile Manager Basic I.25
Pitbull Lite 1.0
perlPass 0.1
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Account Manager LITE 1.09
P2P .htManager 0.2
HT-Guardian 1.5
Password Robot 3.0
Antitrader 1.0
Peekaboo Pro 1.0
Veinotte's Member Manager 1.0
Login Protector 2.0
WAccess 1.1
mojoProtector 1.00
Register 1.2
Profile Manager Basic I.25
Web Password Encryption Management Tool 1.00
Web-Guard Pro 2.2
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Password Robot is a simple program that helps you password protect your web site and manage your members. You can install the program and password protect directories with just one click. Password Robot sends personalized email to your members, automatically deactivates expired accounts, and is compatible with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and Payment Data Transfer (PDT) services. Password Robot comes with free email tech...

A set of scripts that can stop hacker attacks. Failed site requests are logged, hackers and password hurlers are banned from sensitive areas or your entire site, and the admin can view all activity and receive notification upon failed site requests.

A simple tool to encrypt a submitted password or auto-generate a password.

A simple system access manager that allows you to define Guest account or Admin account. You define Login and Password, users can change password, and admin can add/remove users.

A password management program that allows you to create and manage password protected directories (.htaccess) on your website. Manage unlimited groups, add users, remove users, and create new protected directories all from your browser.

Member Manager 1.0 is a basic password management program. It allows you to add and remove members from your password and users files from your browser. It does not protect a directory, nor does it create the password files for you. It is intended...

An easy to use script that allows you to create, edit or delete users. Choose which directories to password protect. Includes a user friendly interface and help system.

Enhanced password protection with HTML form login. A complete security solution, it protects against brute force attacks and neutralizes compromised passwords.

A full user management system with multiple levels of protection, user management, auto-user removal, password reminder, easy installation, full customization and more. Includes a webbased admin panel and requires no .htaccess.

Set up members-only access to content, products, documents and more. Allows you to keep these files in directories hidden from the web.

Password protect directories and restrict who can view your files. Users can sign up for access and emails are automatically sent to you and the user. Use the script generated forms or HTML templates to match your site. is a script that helps you control access to pages within one of your directories.

Profile Manager Basic is a multi-platform compatible database driven, easy-to-install, fully-functional and Free membership system. When a user registers it automatically adds the information about the user into the database. After registration...

This program runs on your server or virtual host to password protect an area of your website and manage the members that access the protected area.

perlPass helps you password protect your Perl/CGI applications. Must have access to a mySQL database.

Pennywize is a script which will completely protect your website from password traders and brute force attacks. Simple to install and very effective.

A combined directory unmasker and password protection system that can be used to list the contents of your cgi-bin and other cgi executable directories. Includes optional IP logging on each successful login attempt and template styles.

Password Sentry is the invaluable tool for every webmaster. Now you have an affordable and reliable tool to protect your site. Password Sentry will automatically delete users whose password has been used by different IP addresses. Guaranteed to...

Administer one or multiple areas of your website using .htaccess or nsconfig authentication. Supported on 99% of Unix based websites. Features include specific level access per account, auto or approval of registered accounts, customized emails,...

This script can monitor unlimited password files on your server. This monitor notifies you via email every time any of your password files changes.