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WebSurvey is a ready to use for perl for conducting online surveys. It uses a database to store the survey reports made by users, clients and so on. Also, enables the registered ones to share the database. Various kind of tables, informations and database are supported. Admin is higly a secured one.It is browser based hence supports the users to access from any location. It has an online demo to illustrate the functions clearly.

Web Surveys suits for perl driven websites to produce survey engines on it's pages. Users can input their values with given range and they can proceed to vote for other questions. This tool checks whether the input is with in the range and the...

Vote Voice is a multi-platform compatible script that allows your visitors to vote and voice their opinion on anything you want. It stays on your visitor's browser at all times and can blink in intervals if you want to make it more noticable. Best...

Vote Pro - Survey, Voting Solution is originated from perl programming that offers a range of facilities to upgrade your poll and polls result. It is fully template driven and has own CSS embedded layouts, skins to modify the poll appearance....

The Rating Game comes with the input bar to feed an URL to produce the indexes of all the ratings available with that site. It collects information from linked set of pages and outputs the measurements of in built graphics, applet applications,... is a perl driven program that helps the webmaster to enhance a survey system on web based systems. Multiple pages can use the same survey or several other surveys to allow the users to submit their votes. Use checkboxes to input the...

Stellar Vote is a multi-platform compatible script that allows user to change topic and answers. Each voter can only vote once. All votes are broken down into percentages.

Prowler Poll is a perl enabled way to work with voting system. This tool helps the webmasters to include an online poll on their homepage and allows the users to rate the site or shown products and also to view the result page with new window....

Creating, maintaining, and conducting online polls and surveys is now easier than ever. You can create polls and surveys that have expire on a specific date or have the run forever (until you stop it). You can post multiple polls and surveys to...

Photo Rating System is a Unix compatible script that allows you to run your own photo rating site (similar to Using a fixed-length database, this system can handle thousands of members without any problem. Also, it can recognize the...

Online Poll Manager is a multi-platform compatible script for Creating, maintaining and running online polls on your website has now become a simple task using Poll Manager. Now create polls that you can define from the start and expire when you...

My Voting Script contains set of perl modules with which one can get statistics about their products and articles on dynamic portals. Polls can be cerated for each item of the website which can have a list of answer options to allow the users to...

Jerry's Survey System is a Unix compatible system written in perl can be embedded to web pages. It supports multiple choice Radio buttons, or checkboxes, and also supports single question surveys. It also blocks double entry submission.

JbPoller is a set of perl driven classes using which one can manage all poll processings simply. Polls can be created with a particular duration to be displayed and would be expired automiaticllay after reaching the end date. Numerous polls can be...

Create polls that you can define when to start and/or expire, either by a date or by the number of submissions.

JbPhotoRate gives the easier means of perl functions to implement an image / photo rating system like,, etc., Extensive admin area allows the entry of users with password where with password retrieval...

InterVote Photo Voting System runs with perl driven websites that requires MySQL for backend database. This system allows the users to enter into your site via secured admin panel and allows them to upload images and photos unlimitedly on site...

Easy Poll Maker lets the webmasters to implement many polls with unilimited questions to allow their visitors to vote their options. This can be done with two methods- provides links for a current poll and provide many links with a page for...

eXtropia Web Survey is a multi-platform compatible web-based survey form is ideal for business people who want to see instant information on companies or even client information. Perfect tool for project coordination, inventory control, client...

eSurvey is a full featured perl based online application capable of assiting webmasters to setup survey programs on their websites. You can create plenty of surveys with easy formatted data supporting horizontal bars, textareas, radio buttons,...