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Code 21-32 of 32   Pages: Go to  << Prior  1  2  page is Linux compatible. IPush.NET is a powerful solution that provides an industrial strength stealth engine that recognizes sarch engines based on a unique IP/DNS/User Agent technology. Through IPush.NET you can provide each spider with unlimited optimized pages and provides complete protection for your search engine ranking secrets. It also includes many tools and utilities to help you submit your site and monitor the rankings. A must...

HeroGrab For Yahoo is a CGI script that allows users to search for expired domains that are still listed on After finding expired domains this program automatically emails to mail ID's you have listed. You can add as many number of...

This is a CGI script that allows users to search DMOZ directories for expired domains still listed and then email it to mail ID's you have listed. Users have the facility to add any number of mail ID's here. This program has many features like,...

Designed to allow your customers to bid on keywords in your search results. The customer with the highest bid has their link listed first. Includes full online administration.

Features include category editors, full templates, advanced search, meta search feature and a full administration.

Webmasters can utilize this program to include searching capability with their web based directories. This program uses MySQL database and comes with the ability to manage any number of directories. This program performs search over entire text...

ASCII database files that are exported from MS Access and Excel could be read with this search engine program. It has features like, supports multi screen search reports, keywords search through a simple search box and any number of database...

Search Engine Plus is a commercial search engine script that allows users to read ASCII database files exported from MS Access and excel. Tab, comma and pipe (|) character are used as field delimitors to read the ASCII files. This program supports...

Add this powerful search engine to your site which stores matched records in a text file and displays searched results in a nice graphical environment. Just change the path to perl and see it in action!! Only performs a search result when keyword...

Advanced Directory - DUO is a perl based program that offers users to build advanced search engine and search viewer with a web guide. It has no database to maintain and uses caching to speedup. It has advanced zoning and has ability to include...

Get new search engine for your site! New version with optimized search algorithm for faster searches. This advanced site search script written with search engines positioning in mind - result pages contain all proper tags to be submitted to...

You can search through books, computers, and more! Your visitor stays on your site right up until they pay at The engine is template driven and very easy to use.