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Wizard Powered Search Engine 2.0
WebSearch 1.11
Webdev Search Engine 1.0
Web Directory SQL Search Engine 2.0
Vee and DA's MAdEnGIne 1.0
Speed Search 1
Smart Search Free 1.0
Site Search software by 5
SimpleSearch 1.0
Simple Site Searcher 3.24
SillySearch 2.3
Shakka Search 1.4
SearchStar 1.7-s
Searchhalo Pay-Per-Click Search Engine 2.0
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Perlfect Search 3.0
MP3 Search 5.04
Vee and DA's MAdEnGIne 1.0
Hukilau Search Engine 1.01
Done-Right Bid Search Engine 2.0
SearchStar 1.7-s
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Fluid Dynamics Search Engine
Borgo's search engine
FreePPC 1.0
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WebSearch 1.11
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Web Directory SQL Search Engine 2.0
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A search engine featuring word highlighting, section exclusion, and the ability to pair found pages with the correct frameset.

Organize a large set of information without expending enormous time and resources.

Supports HTML headers/footers for easy customization and pulls search results from a local datafile, and from Utilizes CSS to hide the affiliate URL and offers free installation.

Sol says, "This search engine will traverse your entire HTML directory tree for matches to a client-defined keyword, preparing a dynamiclly generated HTML page with hyperlinks to hits."

Make money by letting your visitors bid on keywords in your search engine. Includes full admin features, signup bonuses, an affiliate program and payments through Click Bank.

Make money by letting your visitors bid on keywords in your search engine. Includes full admin features, signup bonuses, an affiliate program, and accepts payments through Click Bank.

Allow members to bid on their desired search terms and when a visitor clicks on the members link, the amount for that listing is subtracted from their balance.

This search engine is designed for the webmaster who wants to create a searchable database of links. Your visitors can add their own links and you can employ category editors to approve or deny these submissions. Includes online administration.

Our search directory runs on MySQL and allows you to build your own search directory with unlimited category depth and keywords searching.

This search includes three different style settings and optional use of SSI. Admin panel allows you to specify files/directories to ignore. The search is keyed off both the body of the document and the meta tags.

A great search engine for big sites. Has an admin option for using an index file or not.

Search engine for small web sites. Can hyperlink keywords found in web pages. Clicking on one instance of a keyword will bring you down to the next instance.

APB Search is a script that first creates an index file and then allows users to search for keywords. Main features include a setup wizard, no editing, custom search results page, support for meta tags, and boolean search.

Anaconda! Director allows you to have a single search form redirect the user to any of several different local scripts or external URLs based on the contents of the form. You can define redirection rules, one for each script or external URL you...

This site search script was written with search engine positioning in mind. It logs all searches, inserts affiliate codes and includes an admin utility for setup, viewing stats, style customization and more.