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Wizard Powered Search Engine 2.0
WebSearch 1.11
Webdev Search Engine 1.0
Web Directory SQL Search Engine 2.0
Vee and DA's MAdEnGIne 1.0
Speed Search 1
Site Search software by 5
SimpleSearch 1.0
SillySearch 2.3
Shakka Search 1.4
SearchStar 1.7-s
Searchhalo Pay-Per-Click Search Engine 2.0
Search Me 1
Scriptown Website Search 2.0
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Perlfect Search 3.0
Vee and DA's MAdEnGIne 1.0
Hukilau Search Engine 1.01
SearchStar 1.7-s
Fluffy Search
Fluid Dynamics Search Engine
Borgo's search engine
FreePPC 1.0
Directory Search
WebSearch 1.11
pssSearch 2.5
Web Directory SQL Search Engine 2.0
FM SiteSearch Pro 2.0
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Sell advanced placements using the prominent placement manager and sell banner ads using the banner rotation manager. Features include popular keyword reporter, meta tag manager, and mailing list builder.

WebSearch allows users to search for key words in documents located on your Web site. It searches the basic text of the documents, as well as ALT text and any information contained in META "keywords" and "description" tags. The...

An indexing search engine for use on small or large website portal sites. It is designed to be similar to Google for end users and its output is customizable. It collects site information automatically using meta tags. You can add, edit and delete...

Build a heavy duty search engine using a powerful SQL database. Category based for easy browsing and allows keyword searching. Users receive a password to come back and edit at any time, they can even opt-in to be notified of site updates or...

Madengine is a non-spidering robot driven search engine, which accesses a list of admin defined URLs. Madengine returns the URL, link, and line from the page on which the string was found to a query string. Madengine is a good choice for a small...

This script allows you to index your site or perform a live search. Ignore words, docs, or folders. Records search terms. Does not skip meta tags. Comes with admin panel, documentation and advanced setup. Customize results and no results pages.

This script uses a fast search method, is very compact, and is easily configurable. A script manual is included in the download set.

Allow visitors to search pages on your website. It offers standard and advanced search. Includes an online control panel.

A light and quick search engine, best used with small web sites. The pages for crawling are defined in a text file.

Searches through a directory on your website for pages containing words that the user enters into a form. Users can search for all words or any one word. Results are ranked by how many terms were found in the page.

SHAKKA! Search is your own search engine. It's perfect for smaller sites. The entire program takes up about 50k and each datafile takes up under 1k. The add url portion of the suite writes individual html or text files to a sub-directory, and...

Create your own pay per click search engine. System is fully automated.

A MySQL based Pay-Per-Click search engine. Earn money by allowing users to bid for keywords at your search engine.

Complete solution featuring keyword targeted banner rotation, force selected urls to top of results, preview site, creates mailing list and includes bulk mailer, simple setup.

A search script with META and IMG-ALT tags indexing, configurable number of results on output page, configurable minimum word length, and more.

Revved Search will allow visitors of your site to search your entire website for documents by keyword(s). The script allows you to customize aspects of the results page such as background color, link color, add a background, and even display a...

A turn-key solution for your MetaSearch needs. It consists of several small scripts and a point-and-click interface. Easy to install, maintain, and use.

Allow your users to search your site while simultaneously logging information valuable to your business (IP adress, time, search words/phrases). The interface is fully customizable.

A powerful search engine that can index multiple sites and automatically refresh the index with scheduled intervals. Features wildcards, multiple search databases, and compact databases.

Perlfect Search is powerful and versatile site indexing and searching software freely available under an open source licence. Version 3.0 uses an advanced document vector model algorithm and is higly optimized in memory utilization making it...