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OC11-ACANA 2.0
Unicoder V1.1.
The E-Mail Protector Script I.22
SQL QuickRegister
Spider Traps 1.2.2008
Secure .htaccess Membership System 1.I
Script Secure Plug-in
Script Scrambler 2.0 ?
Rot13 Encryption ?
RegisterMe Pro 3.IV
RegisterMe Lite 3.IV
Referer Access Control 1.I
Peekaboo Directory Unmasker - Pro 1.0
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Password and Redirection
.htaccess Password Protector 3.III
Bandwidth Protector 1.0
Bot Buster Pro 2x
Secure .htaccess Membership System 1.I
Member Reg 1.0
Any Membership Manager 3.I
Cyberstash- automatic membership & admin system for cybercash password sites
OC11-ACANA 2.0
Password Protector
ES Members Area 1.0
SQL QuickRegister
Script Scrambler 2.0 ?
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OC11-ACANA is the security system for websites for members to protect the contents from Brute Force Attack and Account/Password abuse.

This system cooporates with Apache of your web server and OC11-ACANA Server and protect your site from illegal usage of user account and Brute Force Attack by blocking accesses automatically.

Login status report, transfer status report, subnet status report, manual block/unblock, are...

Unicoder V1.1. is a perl script that allows you with a single click to convert email addresses to a Unicode mix javascript that makes your email address invisible to any type of email collecting spam robots. The generated code is compatible with...

Unhurler is a security program that looks for 401 errors in the member area. When someone tries to break into your member area with random password guesses, this script tracks the number of unsuccessful attempts from that IP. When the number of...

The E-Mail Protector Script is a web based security system which is powered with perl programming. Using this script one can save their email addresses from email grabbing softwares. It can produce upto 10000 bogus email addresses while a hacker...

SQL QuickRegister is a script that helps users to manage membership subscriptions and password control access to websites. It has four modules like, registraion, login, redirection and web panel. The registration process validates required fields,...

Spider Trap is a set of perl program that provides functions to protect your webiste. In-built rewritten .htaccess module detects the errors with Apache server and inform them to site owners. All hyperlinks can be encoded to prevent abused...

Secure .htaccess Membership System is a perl based program that helps authorised users to access secured .htaccess files and directories on the website. You just type the directory name and a .htaccess file is set on the directory to be password...

Protect your existing scripts by checking the locations of the referring page with the form that is calling your scripts. If the forms are not located on your domain, the execution of the scripts will be terminated. Plugs in to virtually any...

Script Scrambler 2.0 multi-platform compatible. Script Scrambler 2.0 reads in your Perl source code and renames all variables and subroutines found to random characters. It can also add random comments throughout and remove blank lines, making it...

Rot13 Encryption multi-platform compatible. This is a very simple and short Rot13 encryption script, which uses the tr/// operator.

RegisterMe Pro is a security script that helps users for restricting access to any directory. Visitors need to register or pay to gain access to these protected directories. This program has several features like, autoban feature to find password...

RegisterMe Lite is a password protection program that restricts unauthorized users to access secured directories on the website. This program has many useful features like, lost password reminder, filtering feature, activating and deactivating...

Referer Access Control is a perl built tool that can be used by webmasters to check for the links with a particualr URL page. It can retrieve all available links and redirect to the destination where with if you find the connected page is not a...

Perlguardian is a perl based encryptioning and obfuscating program. This program has a simple web based form and have features to, set username, set expiry date and year, set shebang line, defining input directory to encrypt a whole directory,...

Peekaboo is a perl based script that helps users to access and password protect CGI directories from a web based interface. This program is suitable for '403 Forbidden' directories. It has more features like, IP logging, password protection,...

Password Protector is a secured system where you can protect your website contents. This system prompts for username and password from visitors when they try to access protected content. When the correct username and password are entered, they are...

Password and Redirection is a user management program where webmasters can add, delete or edit users via a web based interface. This program logs every username and password. You can define pages for each user account. When the visitors try to... is a password protection program that can password protect directories and folders from visitors. Admin have rights to add, delete or block users. This program checks if the user already exist on the .htaccess file, and adds the user and...

Members Admin Cgi multi-platform compatible. Manage all your members for your member only restricted pages. Features include password protection, form fields checking, auto approve members, and more.

MemberManagerPro is a perl based membership management program that helps webmasters to publish member's database lists into html based on a delimited text file. Whenever there is a change in the membership details users need to just upload the...