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zCart 2.0
WebSiteTool 2.0
WebGenie Shopping Cart 5.14
uStorekeeper 1.8
uShop 1.3
UPS Shipping Rates Add-on Module for Existing Carts 1.0
TigerTom's Fraud Filter 1.1
The CITY Shopping 1.0
Text-Based Subscription Catalog 1.00
TakeOrdersOnline 1.0
Surf Shop 7.3.725
Supra Cart 4.0
Supermall 2.2
StaticStore 1.189
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UPS Shipping Rates Add-on Module for Existing Carts 1.0
AgoraCart (aka Agora.cgi) 4.0K-4
Insta-Store Mall Maker 3.5
PC Builder 1.0
CapahoCart 4.1
ShopCMS Paypal Shopping Cart .011
Apple Pie Shopping Cart 3.0
zCart 2.0
Auto Sales Manager 2004
Recurring Billing 1.0
cns Online Store Manager 2.1
uStorekeeper 1.8
Shopping Cart System CGI Programming 2.0
RediCart 3.8
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A small business shopping cart solution for those offering under 1000 products. It is easy to set up and configure by anyone comfortable editing JavaScripts. It allows you to display images for each product in the cart.

This tool helps you create your own web store, complete with a shopping cart. Easy, do-it-yourself web site creation and management.

This internet store calculates price, tax and UPS delivery. Configurable templates for generated pages. Unlimited catalogs on same or different domains. Unlimited number of items per catalog. Dynamic catalogs that are managed and updated via web....

VirtualCart« is a shopping cart server, an Internet solution for secure e-commerce whose power and convenience is matched only by its cost effectiveness. A standard web site anywhere on the net and VirtualCart« are all you need to...

A complete e-commerce solution that provides all you need to create, operate, and maintain an online store. It includes easy-to-use forms for managing product information, a built-in search engine and flat-file database, an interface to...

uShop is a series of Java applets that plug easily into any web page. No longer do you have to hassle with complex forms and complicated cgi scripts. No longer are you limited to particular page layouts and obscure page navigation schemes. A...

This module queries the UPS server and returns a shipping price based on the parameters you have provided. This is done using a pop-up window so it can be added to any page. The user selects a preferred shipping method, and a pop-up window...

An anti-fraud and data-saving program. The package 'bookends' an order placed via a third-party credit-card processor or your own shopping cart. It saves more customer data, bars many free webbased email providers, bars anonymous proxy services,...

This script supports multiple stores, languages, currencies, UPS shipping, online merchants, and more. The script is built modular, so multiple shops can share a database. Access control is built in and can be enabled easily. A simple database...

A set of application tools for websites that need an interface to PayPal's Subscription Service, but do not want a database interface.

This script is a self-calculating order form with a mini-database manager, allowing you to control your products through your web browser.

Design a web store exactly the way you want it. Includes back-end admin program that allows you to add and modify items and track orders from your web browser. Can be database-driven or page-driven. PayPal IPN compatible with plug-ins for...

A complete eCommerce and web site management solution. Manage a store with products or services for sale. Features include categories, sub-categories, product options and relationships, specials, UPS integrated or custom shipping flexibility,...

This shopping cart allows one admin to sell merchandise from multiple vendors. Order invoices are emailed to vendors and orders are drop-shipped so admin doesn't have to have an inventory. Includes many admin and user features.

Allows you to build static search engine friendly HTML product pages for your online store or catalog. MySQL backend with HTML template driven product pages, easy to use administrative control panel, and integrates with any website design.

An e-commerce suite specifically designed for small businesses. StarVisor is easily installed and contains built-in support for all aspects of an e-commerce site.

Features includes: writing credit card and order information into database with secure SSL, password protected viewing or deleting database entries, and sending e-mail confirmation to admin after each order submition.

eCommerce software to build a catalogue and shopping cart online. Includes HTML/email templates, seperate pages for search results, multiple payment options, country based shipping, customizable order form, database manager, and more.

This shopping cart system comes fully installed. Add-ons include real-time credit card integration, category listings, and data input of products.

An advanced shopping cart that uses MySQL and includes easy installation, two levels of categories, collapsible navigation menu, full PayPal integration, customizable templates and style sheet, WYSIWYG HTML editor for product info, large and...