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Website Statistics Software
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Website Statistics Software By multi-platform compatible. Easy to understand website statistic reporting. Includes online control panel and free installation.

This program uses both JavaScript and Perl to display with charts, graphs and text who has been to your site, time and day it was visited, what site they came from, country, browser type, browser version, platform type, JavaScript usage, cookie...

This is a perl script where the log files are analysed on users servers and provides info for the users about how to manage and market their website. This script allows keyword searches by the customers with meta tags facility. Features like...

This utility will allow you to watch, interactively, an Apache access_log for a website. It shows you the domain accessing (resolved to a name if possible), how many times they have done so, and what page or resource they are requesting. This...

After reading your HTTP access logs, the visitors script displays graphs showing the number of visitors to your site. You can move in closer to see details of visitors by year, month, day and hour.

Urching Tracking Module is basically for webmasters to view the accurate statistical value of their site visitors. This script helps website owners to identify exactly about their unique visitors, hits per page etc., This script also shows them...

A very simple utility to parse Apache log files and print a listing of unique visiting domains. This utility parses an Apache log file and determines how many unique domains visited your site, then compiles a list of them (good for directing to...

UF Prime is an online visitors tracker. This script tracks the informations like, IP address of site visitors, country name, referrer stats, screen resolution, type of operating system, browser types, tracks unique visitors, top list is available...

Advanced, cross-platform, easy-to-use, portable, real-time monitoring and statistical analysis system for Web site traffic. Features include: advanced analysis and reporting with 40 (12 free) reports, easy installation & usage,...

With Tracing your Visitor?s Footsteps you can see the path taken by your visitors. Basically, you are looking at the way you created for them when you made the website. Priced nominally, this script runs on Unix. Once you are able to trace your...

Top Referrers records the referring URL to your website. This is further recorded in a database and an image returned. In this manner the visitor sees nothing irregular. Another option also lets you record the keywords used by the surfer in the...

This set of Perl scripts creates a traffic tracking service by letting users sign up for an account. Then puts an image on their sites. In this manner, Stats.cgi records all hits taking place on daily basis.

This program allows webmasters to keep the track record of their site visitors daily. It tracks the informations like, how many visitors are online and who ever visited earlier, number of hits per page. It shows the informations about these in...

Simple Statistics multi-platform compatible. Records the number of hits and all referrers to your website. Great to find out where all your visitors are coming from. Can also be put on your 404 error page, so you can find all the broken links on...

This is a tool to find out from which search engine your site has been logged in by visitors mostly and also tracks which search engines have visited your site. This system monitors server logs. This script is simple to understand and to use. It...

Relax multi-platform compatible. Relax analyzes which search engines, search keywords and referring URLs led visitors to the web site.

RefStats scans the refered_log or ECLF format access_log generated by NCSA httpd 1.4/1.5 or Apache to give a list of the referring URLs. The local page accessed then sorts out the list and this script also produces a list of broken links.

This script records all hits to your website. Referrer Script is a traffic logging program that keeps track of the referrers, exit links and visitors to your site, besides other information.

pwebstats analyses the proxy server and gives information regarding the hosts accessing the server and those accessed by the server. This script also creates statistics for individual pages or collections using a powerful PERL matching pattern....

This counter program displays you a perfect statistics analysis of your website traffic. This script allows you to view the statistical informations about your visitors like, daily, weekly and monthly hits and visitors report, it counts even each...