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LinkCodeGenerator - Affiliate Addon 2.0
Unique Clickthroughs 1.0
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Revenue Auto Pilot 1.0
Leadhound Lite 2.1
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YourShop helps you to build an own affiliate network. It's easy to install and provides powerful features: unlimited numbers of associates, low CPU resources, easy to customize, and more!

Complete package to setup your own Associate program. "Clones" your website for each Associate, using static or dynamic pages. Allows for various commission levels depending on price and/or Associate level. Allows your Associates to...

A pay-per-click program that allows you to specify the amount to pay your affiliates per unique click and when to pay them. The Pro version features the ability to add unlimited sites into and hand out multiple affiliate codes. It includes site...

A pay per click program where you specify the amount to pay your affiliates per unique click. All affiliate info is stored in a database and can be accessed through the admin. Affiliates can access their personal stats through the user admin as...

Outputs correct affiliate HTML code for affiliates quickly and easily.

Software to easily create commission or click-thru based affiliation programs.

Monitors traffic from search engines and other sites. Doubles as a visitor tracking system to determine the origin of sales. Daily email reports.

This script generates the HTML the affiliates have to put into their homepage to earn commissions. Webmaster can add up to nine different ads into the script.

An advertising display script for use with's affiliate program. Very easy to set up and implement. No SSI required, only one line of javascript.

Pro-TRACK is a reliable two tiers affiliate sales tracking software. This server side software will walk the new affiliate though the registering process issue a unique affiliate tracking ID and email your new affiliate their code and monthly...

Start your own affiliate program with The Affiliate Program Software. The most complete affiliate program tracking & management software availaible. Supports two-tier systems, auto emails, and is completely flexible. Comes completely installed...

Run a PPC affiliate program to incentivize linking to your site. Control how much to pay per click for each individual affiliate. Quickly pay affiliates via PayPal. It uses IP detection to track clicks.

An automated, MySQL backed, multiple mailing list affiliate system. Recruit webmasters to collect opt-in emails for your mailing lists and pay them for each confirmed, unique address.

This script acts as a "How to Link" page by generating the correct linking HTML code for banners or text links the affiliate selects.

This script will allow you to add affiliate marketing to an eCommerce store.

Integrated Profit Sharing and Click-Thru software. The most advanced and widely used system, with multiple world-wide patents.

Affiliate software providing short, domain branded affiliate links that count toward search engine link popularity.

This script allows you to give your sales partners correct HTML code for Regsoft affiliate links. Their Regsoft IDs are automatically inserted into your sales link to ensure proper credit of an affiliate sale.

Affiliates program that requires no sendmail program. It generates affiliate code upon signup and info is stored into a database. Online orders are also stored in a database and both affiliate info and orders are accessible through the admin. You...

This script sets up conversion-based affiliate accounts automatically. Payment for new account setup is done through PayPal and deals with refferring agents. The setup page cannot be viewed by anyone other than those redirected from PayPal after...