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Ultra Recommender 1.0
Tell-Your-Friends For Clickbank 1.3 1.0
TellAFriend.cgi 2.0
TellaFriend Multi
Tell Somebody 1.32
Site Referral Pro 1.x
Send2Friend 1.0
Send This Site
Scriptown Recommend Site 2.0
Refer The World 3.0
Refer A Friend FREE Script 1.0
mojoscripts's tell a friend 1.00
MasterRecommend 1.0
Mail-This-Page 1.0
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Easy Tell A Friend 0.41
Refer A Friend FREE Script 1.0
mojoscripts's tell a friend 1.00
@Tell 1.0 Pagemailer 1.0
Birdcast.cgi 1.2
Refer The World 3.0's Tell-A-Friend 1.0
Alert-A-Friend 1.0
Scriptown Recommend Site 2.0
CosmicTells 2
MasterRecommend 1.0
HiFriend Pro 1.6
CGI City's Mail-This-Page
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An easy to use website recommendation program. It is easily customizable to match the rest of your site. You can use a link, image or form. Users can enter up to ten email addresses at once and add a personal message. You can add headers and footers to the email.

A site recommendation script which offers affiliate link generating.

This script has everything you need to setup your own recommendation form. Features include custom messages, notify webmaster option, form validation, email validation, and more.

An easy to use tell a friend program. Minor modifications necessary to function.

This script allows visitors to select how many friends to email and generates the appropriate form. Emails can be stored in a database and mailed from the admin area.

A program to let your visitors advertise for you. They just fill in a friends email address along with their email address and click the button. The program sends an email to their friend with built in comments and a auto reply to the sender...

Easily allow visitors to refer their friends to your website. It includes a followup email to the visitor and forwards to any page you specify. Built in stats and more.

Send2Friend is a great program that can help your website get more hits. This script makes it easy for a visitor to suggest your site to their friends.

Allow your visitors to recommend your site to their friends via email.

Allow visitors to recommend your site to their friends. Includes unlimited friends, customizable subject, and more.

Allow users to refer a friend to your site with Text or HTML emails. The referrer gets credit for each person emailed. You can set a referral quota that must be reached before you are sent an email. Admin allows you to view all users with...

This script will allow your visitors to refer your web site to a friend. Includes custom colors, a referral message and email address log. After referral, they are sent to a confirmation page and redirected to your home page. It has easy setup and...

A customizable tell a friend script that allows visitors to suggest your web site to others. The referer URL is optionally included in the visitor email and copies can be sent to the admin. Templates used for the HTML and emails.

MasterRecommend is an easy to install, easy to maintain CGI program written for Perl 5 which allows users to place forms on their webpages for visitors to recommend the page or website to their friends.

Mail-This-Page is a program written in Perl that gives visitors at a web page the ability to send copies of that page to any valid email address. The site owner simply inserts a small HTML code fragment into any webpage and he instantly gives...

A customizable script that allows visitors to suggest your web site to their friends.

A simple script that allows your visitors to email the contents of your web page, or the portions you specify, to their friends.

One installation supports page specific referrals site wide and includes URL routing, unlimited recipients, online building of forms, customizable HTML templates, usage logging and a web-based admin area.

An easy to install script to allow users to email your page to a friend.

Allow your visitors to recommend your site to others.