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WakiCoolBar For 2.0
TB2Merge 1.1b
TaskBar 1.01
BarCodeWiz ActiveX Component 1.61
THTMLStatusBar 1.3
Outbar.NET 1.1
TpbhStatusbar 1.0
TFloatBar 2.0
Dockable Toolbar 3.0
TmxTaskPanePro 3.16
TBX TaskBar 1.3
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TScroll ToolBar 1.0
ARMenu ToolBar 1.0
SpTBX TaskBar 1.3
XtraBars 3.0
BarCodeWiz ActiveX Component 1.61
TmxOutlookBar 1.54
TQProgressBar 1.0
TBX TaskBar 1.3
TARMenuToolBar 1.1
Bullet Proof Soft
abfStatusBars 1.1
Toolbar97withMenuBar2000 3.0
RBBar 1.11
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WakiCoolBar for 2.0 is a new developed professional tool for creating DHTML Expand/Collapse menus. It is very convenient to create the webmenu without writing JavaScript. And you can add menu items easily and visual using Panels property, It can be binded with Database showing alternative menu varying with different users authorized.

Utility unit for Toolbar2000 and derived components like TBX or SpTBX to merge two sets of toolbar items together (like with the automatic merge feature of MDI childs' menus).Documentation and little demo project included.Tested with Toolbar2000...

llTaskBar looks like Windows taskbar. You can place this component in the main window of your MDI Application and forgot about management of the MDI child windows . This component allows you to manipulate with MDI child windows like Windows...

TaskBar Panel, inherited from TToolBar. Added some useful functions. Exe-demo available from

Add barcodes to your programs and documents.Insert it into your Word document, Access report, or Excel spreadsheet. Type your data into the Barcode field, and click Print. Use it in your Visual Basic, Delphi, or Visual C++ application.Customize...

OutlookBar, Inspector, DBInspector, RTTIInspector and INIFile Inspector combined in one highly configurable control.

Enhanced status bar with many new options and capabilities:support for mini HTML formatted text in panels, including capability to add hyperlinks, images and blinking text in the statusbar panel.panel with time, date, NUMLock, CAPSLock,...

Outbar.NET is a component pack allowing you to incorporate a side bar control into any of your .NET applications. Outbar.NET is designed to bring to your application the look and feel of the Microsoft Outlook. The side bar (now commonly known by...

Addition to Toolbar97 componentes by Jordan Russell.TFileToolbar enables the common Toolbar97 to save and restore its buttons and Separators (currently TToolbarButton97 and TToolbarSep97 are supported) to a Ini file or the registry. Very useful,...

A pure VCL status bar. Does not use the Common Controls library. Implements virtually all of the TStatubar features. In addition the panels have some interesting extra properties.

Component allows to create Task Bar same as Windows Task Bar and MS Office Panel.

This component allows to let the users to customize and create new toolbars at run time.It looks and feels much the same as the dialog from the Delphi IDE.The setting of all toolbars can be saved and restored.Soure available for $25.

This component allows you to easily create and maintain toolbars on your forms. Just place a DToolbar on your form, add some buttoms. You have now given your application the same interface that is used in most applications today. You can also use...

TmxTaskPanePro is 100% native VCL component with added features to support the look, feel, and behavior introduced in latest Windows GUI. Included components:TmxTaskPanePro - Multipage taskpane componentTmxTaskPaneCaption - Office 2003 style task...

This is a TaskBar component which descends from TTBXToolbar component from Alex Denisov's TBX package, there are also 2 other taskbar components which descend from TB2k and SpTBX toolbars, which you can also download from author's site. In the...

This is a TaskBar component which descends from TTBToolbar component from Jordan Russel's Toolbar 2000 package (, there are also 2 other taskbar components which descend from TBX and SpTBX toolbars, the exe-demo shows the TBX...

there are also 2 other taskbar components which descend from TB2k and,This is a TaskBar component which descends from TSpTBXToolbar component from Robert Lees SpTBX extension package, there are also 2 other taskbar components which descend from...

TStatusBarPro is an improved version of TStatusBar with some particular features. In addition, each panel in this status bar can have its own color, image, hint, font, indent, popup menu, and click and double click events.

The TkkdOutLBar component provides you with a component that enables you to write applications that has a navigation bar very similar to the famous navigation bar known from applications like Microsoft Outlook 97.

Toolbar2000 is a set of components for Delphi and C++Builder designed to mimic the Office 2000 look and behavior.Some of its features include:Office 2000-style draggable, dockable toolbars:Toolbars can smoothly move as they are dragged (no...