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Button with Color property
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Button with Color property
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Extended Delphi Buttons 1
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The Delphi TButton control does not have the ability to display multiline captions or captions containing mixed colors, fonts or styles. However, since buttons have the intrinsic ability to host other controls - such as labels - this limitation is quite easily overcome. The steps to be followed are discussed here.

The EXE demo with sourcecode shows a working example.

If you are looking for a way to make your application nice looking, those package are right for you. XP Style button and checkbox make your program more user friendly......

TdbCheckFlags is TdbCheckBox variant with capability to checks the specified N-th bit (0 to 31), whether is set or cleared.Applied to Boolean, String, and any numeric type of field (they treated as integer 32-bit anyway). See demo application for...

XP-Style Button with Bitmap, automatic disabled bitmap. Automatic checking of ComCtrls version to display text instead of Bitmap in Win98 etc. Working in D3 (!) and up.

Usual TBitBtn with Color property forgotten by Borland.

Checkboxes and Radiobuttons with wordwrap and various text and button alignments.Contains TMLCheckBox, TMLRadioButton, TMLRadioGroup, TMLDBCheckBox and TMLDBRadioGroup.Same as corresponding Delphi components but with WordWrap, HorzText and...

Checkbox, RadioButton, Button, RadioGroup and DB-aware Checkbox and DB-aware RadioGroup with various formatting capabilities.

Office 2007 / Vista style button with smooth state transitioningOffice 2007 style, Windows Vista style buttonComplex gradients supportSoft button state transition paintingAntialiased button text rendering supportPNG, Bitmap and ImageList button...

This button centers itself on a form no matter how the form is resized. Useful for dialogs, about boxes, etc.

Features: normal or round box; 3 different glyphs: check, cross or dot; border: normal, lowered or raised; optional: flat look; optional: hot color (font color changes on mouse over); optional: disable focus; font and background color changeable.

Button which supports icon *.ico files.

TsiSpeedButton and TsiBitBtn are buttons with animated glyphs.

Button with LED, 3D Caption and play Wav files or system sound when clicked.

It is the newest component, which provides you with a cool button in the Tray icon area. The Tray Button 98 behaves like a standard MS IE 3.0/4.0 button, just in the Tray area near Windows 95 clock. You may choose any 32x32 or 16x16 icon to see...

This button centers intself on a form, no matter how the user resizes it. Source is included with the registered version. Registration program in included.

Get 1000s of icons, glyphs, button images, cursors, sound files, AVI clips etc. within minutes! The Resource/Grabber will scan the directories and drives on your computer and extract all the fine stuff it fines inside the programs and DLL files in...

TSRCheckButton is a CheckButton component with WordWrap and Transparent-properties like TLabel. It has an additional OnChange-event which is fired on all changes of state. OnClick is only fired when the component is clicked.

TPieCheckBox and TPieButton are a powerful component pack.TPieCheckBox could be made transparent, supported Wordwrap and any Styles and Effects.TPieButton could be made transparent, supported Background-bitmaps and any Styles and Effects.

This unit contains a set of three speed button derived components that either display pop-up menus associated with the buttons or form connected button / menu button pairs. The components are:TPJMenuSpeedButton -- which can display an associated...

Image Button is a COM based component that allows you to assign changable button icons for each state, where mouse over, mouse leave and mouse down.