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Dekart Private Disk 2.12
Delphi ZIP Component ZipForge 5.04
ZipForge 3.03
The Enigma Protector 1.33.20070810
ADAC DB-RAD Package 1
Easy Shareware 2.00
TCryptStream 1.0
Zip Zag 1.4
Xceed Zip Compression Library 4.1
ChinaZip 9.2
ArkoSoft EZipSFX 2.0
TRegware v 4.00
Enigma protector
ReSource Compression Component 2.61
UnixCrypt 1.2.2
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Shareware Starter Kit
Dekart Private Disk 2.07
SFX Editor for Delphi 2.0
ABF Password Recovery 1.3
AIM UserFactory 2.0
Easy Compression Library 3.55
SafeSerial OCX 2.3.9
AecSLockPK Shareware Protection 2.02c
Password Guardian
BiTCab 1.0
ZipForge 2.40
AecRC6 1.11
Chief's UnZip 2.60
ActivLicense Online 1.01
BigSpeed Secure Socket Library 2.0
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Use this component to safe your shareware applications and group all your applications installed. Using this VCL you can get all the necessary informations about all your application currently installed into the PC.

This is user-rights system with many interesting features:secure password encrypting (2DDES)groups of usersany number of rights (consisting of four basic rights: view, insert, modify, delete) and parameters can be stored for each user and...

Simple program to keep your web passwords.

NTSetOwnership is a Delphi component for setting owner of a file or a directory in Windows NT/2000/XP Pro.To work this component requires the user that calls it to have granted one of the following permissions:Backup Files and Directories...

KAZIP is fast, simple ZIP archiver and dearchiver which uses most popular ZIP format.Inflate - Deflate zip compression format (no encryption support and no multidisk support).KAZip is totaly based on Delphi VCL - no DLL, ActiveX or other external...

Add-on component for TCompress from SPIS that provides archive segmenting. Ideal for adding diskette backup/restore capability to any program.

dWinlock is an easy to use Delphi component to limit the access to Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP). This can be achieved by disabling a variety of key combinations (such asCtrl+Alt+Del) and by hiding and replacing elements of the Windows...

Lock & Key is a royalty free security component for your applications. Distribute trial versions of your products which can be easily ounlockedo to the fully working versions over the phone or via the Internet. Use either a okill dateo or a...

AppBackup is royalty-free for all of your applications, can be incorporated into your application in under 5 minutes (REALLY!), can backup/restore to both hard drives and floppy disks of any size with automatic disk spanning if required, is fully...

This is an invisible componentwith a simple task to split a file into multiple files of certain size. The mostcommon need for this is when you want to put your (big) file on floppy disks,for backup or any other purposes. The method for reversing...

Quick Zip is a powerful and fast utility that provides support to zip and other popular archive formats. Features included:Build -in support to 19 types (or 33 extension) of archives and encoding formats Providing full integration to the shell,...

Portable archiver that support 33 types of archive, support drag and drop, copy and paste, provide archive finder, archive converter, disk imager, disk spanner.

AesLib.pas is a Delphi interface to the AES encryption routines fromBrian Gladman. Generating of a salt valuePassword verificationGenerating of authentication codeEncryption of a streamDecryption of a stream.The source code of a sample program is...

Components for viewing many archive formats. TpaArcMain is a compressed file viewer. TpaArcMain currently supports 21 archive formats: Zip, ZipSFX, Rar, RarSFX, Arj, ArjSFX, Cab, Ace, AceSFX, Zoo, Arc, ArcSFX, GZip, Pak, PakSFX, Sqz, SqzSFX, Hyp,...

Ionworx Technology release SafeBox Industry (RC2)Overview :SafeBox Industry is a new tools for developer or professional industry toprotect and deploy software or files.SafeBox Industry also offers great power and flexibility combined highlevel of...

ICE License v2.0 is a new and innovative licensing protection for Borland developers wishing to integrate copy protection with maximum security. With ICE License you can turn your software in Trial Edition. To prevent key generator for your...

SecureCode is a new software protection designed to provide a high level of security. SecureCode use strong & new techniques protection. With SecureCode you can select any parts of your source code to secure, for example you can protect...

Compression-decompression tool:Coolzip supports many compression and encoding formats like zip, cab, rar, lha, ace, jar, uue, xxe and many more.Password support.Office2000 interface.Full drag and drop support.Can read and write self-extracting zip...

Check out this alternative to huge and/orcomplicated, expensive installation programs!INF-Tool Lite is a setup program which createstoday's SMALLEST setup packages possible for anunbeatable price: It's FREE!! Great especially forInternet or common...

Provide the security that your application needs using paradox tables. This component provides the tools necessary to create access constants which are available to users. Users log on with a name and password, or a username can be retrieved from...